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Eating Fast Makes You Fat

eating a hamburger

The news about eating and being fat is just out from the British Medical Journal; Eating until you feel full and eating fast are associated with being overweight.

Obesity has become a worldwide problem in developed countries and the highest selling books are cookbooks and diet books. Obesity is an important risk factor for cancer, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. This study gives us more evidence on how we can help people with weight control. The obesity in many cases starts from childhood and we need to find ways of curbing and fighting obesity in children. Read about how targeted books for children can help tackle childhood obesity.

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The researchers studied 4140 Japanese adults and measured their body mass index. They used a validated survey to assess speed of eating (very slow, slow, medium, fast, very fast) and they also asked about eating until full.

They found that for both sexes, those that reported eating until full and eating quickly had the highest age adjusted values for weight, body mass index and total energy intake. They further adjusted for total fibre intake, alcohol, smoking and physical activity and still found that eating quickly made you fatter. For patients who both ate quickly and ate until full there was a "supra-additive" effect on being overweight.

With all of the diets around and advice given to help people lose weight, just having them chew their food more slowly would help. Remember what grandma used to say "Quit gobbling your food. Sit there and chew". She was right. Grandma also said " Stop gorging. You're not a pig" Well, right again.

Grandma's wisdom and the British Medical Journal have the last word: Portion size and small plates are known to be effective weight controls.