ANAVEX 7-1037 Demonstrates Chemotherapeutic Potential For Treatment Of Colorectal Cancer

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Anavex Life Sciences announced that ANAVEX 7-1037 has been shown to kill human HCT116 colon cancer cells in advanced pre-clinical studies. In addition, ANAVEX 7-1037 demonstrated its ability to significantly suppress tumor growth in immune-deficient mice. ANAVEX 7-1037 is the company's lead drug candidate for the treatment of colorectal cancer and other types of solid tumors.

"These results are very encouraging, particularly regarding the therapeutic signals from the significant in vivo anti-cancer activity against HCT116 xenografts at low nanomolar level," said Dr. Kontzalis, Chief Executive Officer for ANAVEX. "We are committed to further exploring the benefits of ANAVEX 7-1073 as we aim to develop first-class therapeutics to fight various types of cancer."


A novel small synthetic sigma ligand, ANAVEX 7-1037 is a member of a new class of drugs designed to treat colorectal and other types of human cancer. Toxicological studies in mice have shown no evidence of the side effects that are usually observed with anti-cancer drugs available today. In pre-clinical lab tests, ANAVEX 7-1037 has demonstrated its ability to kill cancer cells.

Preclinical testing of ANAVEX 7-1037 also reveals that the drug candidate: