Protect Your Savings and Profit from America's Woes

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It was once a classic story-book image: The American family with a middle class income, 2.5 children, a nice car to get around town, and a white picket fence with a house behind it. Life was good. Now that financial image is severely distorted. Middle class Americans today are finding themselves trapped between stagnant wages and a high cost of living. Many worry they won't have the money to pay their bills, purchase a house, or provide for their family.

The dollar just doesn't stretch like it used to, and according to Curtis Arnold, author of Honey, Who Shrunk Our Money? Protect Your Savings and Profit from America's Woes (Princeton Financial Press, 2006) it's only going to get worse. "The truth is that many Americans could face a financial future even bleaker than they expect. Outsourcing and off shoring jeopardize an increasing number of industries," says Arnold. "What began as a trickle will soon become a flood as a growing number of productive enterprises move overseas to produce products more cheaply and often more efficiently."

Despite these problems, Arnold points out that there are ways to protect your savings and actually profit from America's woes. "The quality of life for most Americans may decline, but with crisis brings opportunity," says Arnold. "All of these trends will adversely affect most Americans, but it's possible to survive and even thrive."

In his book, Arnold discusses the effect that healthcare, global warming, terrorism, and other disasters could have on a family's finances. He offers a step-by-step plan of attack to help readers protect their savings and actually profit from America's current and future woes. Included in this plan are ways to invest. "We often hear that our trade deficit is growing because China can produce nearly anything more cheaply than we can. This is only partially true," says Arnold. "We can still do some things better than anyone else in the world and there are still industries where we export more than we import." Arnold suggests investing in those industries as well as in natural resource stocks that will benefit from the rapid growth and industrialization going on in China and India.


Arnold warns that we can expect higher costs, especially for services such as health care and education. In addition, he warns that the real estate market and stock and bond markets " where most Americans have invested " could be in for rough times ahead, partly because of a vulnerable dollar and the financial implications of terrorism. His logical arguments and sound advice will have you re-thinking the way you look at your family's finances.

Honey, Who Shrunk Our Money?

Princeton Financial Press

ISBN-13: 978-0-9787616-7-7

ISBN-10: 0-9787616-7-7

Arnold is a geopolitical investment analyst who has made his fortune the past thirty years by anticipating and then acting on major investment trends. He correctly predicted the rise in oil prices and warned of the potential economic ramifications of global warming years ago. He's on a mission to let consumers know how world events can impact the individual finances of Americans from all walks of life.