Primer Examines Health Care Spending Growth Trends

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Health Care Spending

Primer examines health care spending growth trends, analyzes independent voters' views on health care.

  • Health Care Costs: A Primer, Kaiser Family Foundation:The primer examines the growth of U.S. health care costs since the1970s. The primer also discusses the types and sources of health carespending, demographic factors associated with different spendinglevels, and the impact of higher premiums and out-of-pocket costs onfamilies. In addition, the primer examines other factors that influencehealth care spending growth, such as medical technology, populationchanges and changes in disease prevalence (Kaiser Family Foundationrelease, 8/8).
  • Survey Brief: Political Independents and Health Care, Washington Post/Kaiser Family Foundation/Harvard University Survey Project: Thesurvey brief examines independent voters' views on health care,including the importance of health care among independents, which partybest represents their views on health care, whether candidates shouldfocus more on improving care or lowering costs, and willingness to fundcoverage of the uninsured. The brief also examines views on health careamong five subgroups of independents. The brief is based on the Survey of Political Independents released last month by the Washington Post/Kaiser Family Foundation/Harvard University Survey Project (Kaiser Family Foundation release, 8/8).

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