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Money Management

Prepackaged Apple Slices vs Whole Apples: Money Saving Tips

Jun 27 2017 - 6:01pm
sliced apples vs whole apples

Sometimes when you see washed and prepackaged fruits in stores like Walmart you may think that they have done this for quick sale and the price is cheap, but when you compare prepackaged and sliced apples with whole apples or national brands vs store's brand, you will see that in many cases whole apples are cheaper and store brand's food is less expensive compared to national brand. Here are 3 money saving tips for busy moms when they do their grocery shopping.

How Women Can Turn Their Passion Into Big Profits Without Necessarily having a College Degree

Jun 4 2017 - 12:16am
Chef Remmi Smith on Good Day Tulsa

People often have hobbies they love and don’t realize they could turn what they love to do into a second income. I have a lot of friends who have amazing talents and a few of them decided to turn their passion into big profits without having a college degree that was related or even attending college.

3 Secret Tricks for Saving Money at Your Pharmacy

Jan 22 2014 - 10:08am
Saving Money at Pharmacy

It’s a fact of life and living - the older you get, the more money you will have to spend at your pharmacy. But does this mean that you have no control over where and how much money you will spend on your prescription meds? According to Doctor Oz, the answer is a resounding “No” as he reveals to viewers 3 secret tricks for saving money at your pharmacy.