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Your Son Has All As, But Gets One C, Should He Repeat The Class Over Summer?

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Parenting Advice for Child's Online Course

Imagine your high school aged son has all As in school and gets one C due to not logging in on time to take the final. Should he leave it just like that or repeat the class over the summer to change it to A? What would you recommend this parent asking this question?


Today I was reading Parents of NCSSM Students group on Facebook and saw Monika Ke's question. Here is what she writes asking for a parenting advice.

What Hurts More When Applying for a University: Repeat Class or Grade C?

My son is currently in 11th grade in High School, taking AP, honor and local community college classes. He took history class online in the local community college and did not log in on time to take the final exam. As a result he vent from from A to finish with C on that class. This is the only C he has on his transcript. So far he has all As in all classes. My question is should he repeat this class over summer and replace C for A or should he leave the way it is?
What will hurt him more when he applies to good university grade C or repeat class? Thank you for your advice.

Parents Reply and Give Advice

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Carol Jones Van Buren writes. "I would repeat it if you have the option. I would also try begging the professor to reopen the on-line class (if you haven't don this already). There will be a place on the Common App. where you can explain the missed exam and the lack of accommodation by the community college. Showing that your son later got an A will let admissions officers know it was just an 'Oops.'"

Bob Gotwals agrees with Carol. "I Concur, as an online instructor. I'd encourage him to talk with the professor, as long as there is a pretty good reason why he wasn't on time. 'I forgot' might not cut it. Online classes require a lot more attention and time management abilities.

Gina Terry writes.
The community college may have a policy for auditing the course and just taking the final (as opposed to taking the whole thing this summer). There are also some policies for grade replacement at universities. Maybe the community college has something? Another thought: I don't think a C in a sea of A's is damning. Might make a great story about life lessons. Indicates he is a real person. I was in a job interview with a principal who asked me what type of student I was in middle and high school. He said he was glad to hire someone who didn't get "straight A's" because I would relate to my students better.

Sid Hillwig replies.
I went through the same thing, actually. I have a C on my transcript from a community college class that I had an A in before the final, but missing the final dropped me to a C. I don't think it has had a major impact at all with college or anything because my other grades are much different and consistent with each other. I think the higher your sights are for college (i.e. Harvard etc) it could potentially have more of an effect. But one of my colleges in their honor's applications provided a space to explain any poorer grades and I was still accepted to the program.

Readers are welcome to leave their comments and share advice. But one thing that I hear here is that young students in college or high school online programs should always remember that they are following two calendars: their home school calendar and the online calendar. Schools always remind students about this and usually don't expect them to be very supportive of students' inability to pay attention to school calendar.