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Young Diabetic Woman's Low Carb Weight Loss Inspires With Strong Dedication

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Jessica Knorr weight loss

How Jessica Knorr wanted to renew her life, gave up soda drink and and lost remarkable amount of weight on a low carb diet, improving her blood sugar. Knorr shared her story with EmaxHealth to encourage and inspire our readers in their weight loss and diabetes journey.


I just would like to tell you a little about my low carb weight loss story, hoping it may encourage and inspire many other people who would like to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle.

I am married to my best friend now for 12 years and soon it will be 13 years in August. My three daughters, ages 15, 13 and 12 keep me very busy. I have been heavy ever since my 20s and my biggest around 30. Different diets that I have used have helped to lose weight, but also I have gained weight. Eventually I became a diabetic for at least 4 years and then my kidneys started to look not so good. Last year I have passed kidney stones twice and that was the worst thing that I ever had to deal with.

I gave up Soda drinks

Then I happened to find a new doctor that really cared for me. Dr. Vicky pushed me all the way. She had me start off slow. First big thing I did back in August 2016 was to give up Soda. It was very hard at first and I am not going to lie about that. I decided to give up sugar drinks cold turkey all at once. The first four days were the hardest. I had a headache and did not want to do anything.

Drinking More Water and Ice Tea Helped and Blood Sugar Improved

Then I got through it drinking lots of water and occasionally an ice tea. Then things started looking better for me improving my blood sugar level. It would run up to 500, but with no soda drinks my blood sugar had dropped to 200. May A1c level went to 12 then to 8.

Then The Weight Loss Came With Low Carb Diet

I started to giving up pop and lost some weight. At one point I was at 260 lbs. My doctor pushed me some more in a good way and encouraged me to lose more weight. In March 2017 my weight stalled. I had lost some weight and decided just no more, no more pills. I felt like I was always sleep and started getting lazy with myself. Thus, I got on the net and started researching different types of low carb diet. I had decided that the low carb diet was the way to go.

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This was the best thing I have ever did regarding my weight loss. The weight is coming off again and my last A1c was at level 7. last month I completely gave up my medications because while taking them, my blood sugars dropped too low. (Try These 4 New Low Carb Breads for Fighting Belly Fat).

New Weight Loss Goal and Pushing Hard

My journey continues to renewing myself. I know that I still have a long way to go. My last weigh in March 1 of this year was 208 lbs. But my current goal is to be under 200 lbs for my 37th birthday that is coming up in May 15. It's real soon.

I am pushing myself extra hard right now. I also became a member in a support group on Facebook, called A New Me. And I have all the girls on the group pushing and cheering me on.

Also doing Daily Workout and Fitness

I am not only using the low carb lifestyle. I have been putting a lot of extra time doing a daily workout. Fitness and exercise are part of my daily routine now. I also found other support groups on Facebook for low carb lifestyle.

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The reason I am sharing my story with EmaxHealth readers is to inspire and encourage other diabetics to renew their lives. I want to encourage you to do your research on low carb lifestyle because it has helped me in so many ways. It feels so amazing to be off all medications and to be losing weight and even buying new clothes.

Editor's Note: Jessica Knorr's story is indeed inspiring. She demonstrates strong dedication to renewing herself. If you have similar stories that can encourage other people, please contact EmaxHealth using our contact information.

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