You Will Be Surprised To Learn The Percentage of Polled Women Who Are "Body Positive"

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Women's health and body image perception

Today, Yahoo Health launched Body-Peace Resolution, a month-long initiative to motivate you to pursue wellness goals that aren’t vanity-driven - and therefore, destined for failure - but that strive for more meaningful outcomes, such as physical strength, mental fitness, nutritional nirvana and self-acceptance - true and total body peace.


To kick-off the campaign, Yahoo Health released a new study that reveals the shocking realities of male/female body perception, and body image issues across adults and teen. Highlights include:

  • Americans become self-conscious about their bodies starting at 13-14 years old.
  • 36% Americans report that classmates most contributed to their body shame and self-consciousness; followed by a tie between depictions of beauty on TV and in advertising (both 28%), and finally on Social Media (27%)
  • Only 11% of all women polled are ‘body-positive’ (content with the way their body looks and feels)
  • Teen & Millennial females report feeling the most shame tied to body image
  1. 94% teen females have felt shame or self-conscious over some aspect of their body
  2. 95% millennial females have felt shame or self-conscious over some aspect of their body
  • Almost one in four (24%) American men report that their ideal body type is the ‘dad bod’
  • The majority (60%) of teen females and 74% millennial females report that loving their body and gaining a body-positive mindset is their New Year’s resolution, followed by losing weight (48%) and (67%) respectively


Below are the full survey results on Yahoo Health:

Prepared by Yahoo! Health.