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Weight loss dress size after You lost 20 lbs, but still wearing the same clothes

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Weight loss dress size

In one of the weight loss forums I read one lady asking this. "I have lost 20 lbs but I'm still wearing the same clothes. Ladies who are 5'2", approximately how much did you weigh when you wore a size 14?" Here are several responses from the forum members that may shed some light on weight loss dress size and serve as a practical weight loss clothing size calculator.


These are the respondents' comments about their weight loss dress size.

I was in a size 12 after loosing a good 60 lbs. Then randomly dropped lower and lower and now a size 4. Don't give up it will happen.

I am 5'0 and around 160 now. My jeans are 12s and barely fit when I was 185 (starting weight), I think another 5 lbs and they definitely would not have fit. Clothing size is all so different though. And also, even when thin I have an unnaturally big butt and thighs.

My size 14 and weigh 210. I am 5'2. No one believes me when I tell them I am over 200 lbs.

I'm somewhere between a 12-14 and I am currently 174lbs and 5'2". My size 14 is around 175-185lbs. I put on muscle easily and the smallest size/weight I have ever been is a size 4 and I was 135lbs.

I am 5'3 and go between a 12 and a 14. I'm currently 185#. I carry weight in my middle though, so size 14 fits my waist but is loose in the legs, where as a 12 gives me a muffin top but fits my legs and hips.

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Another person, seeing all these responses about weight loss dress size, wrote this encouraging note, saying "these are great examples above of how much size varies! I'm betting you'll see a drop in your clothes size soon, but try not to let that define your success."

I am 5'3" about 200 lbs and wear a 12 or 14 depending on the brand. I am more muscular than most people my weight I think.

I am 5'3 lost 25 lbs and still wear the same clothes. Pants do fit better but a smaller size is a little to tight still. Definitely makes no sense but I'm still happy the scale shows 25lbs less.

I am not 5'2", but it amazes me just how different everyone's sizes are based on height. I'm 5'9" and 184lbs and a size 14 but I have bigger hips and booty and a smaller upper body. We all carry our weight differently.

My current weight is 180 pounds and I am 5'3". I'm wearing size 10/12 pants and Large/XLARGE tops. A year ago I was 250 pounds and wearing 18/20 and 2X tops.

Starting weight around 174. I've lost about 16 and still can't get in a 12 yet. Hopefully won't be long. But I hold weight in my butt and thighs. I'm 5'2.

I was 233lbs in a 16-18 jrs. At a size 14 I was 180-196lbs. Now im 143lbs in a size 6-8 depending on brand. I am 5'2" on the dot.

As you can see from above answers the weight loss dress size depends on the brand, cut and your body shape. There is not one dress size calculator for all. You may know someone who has the same height as you and weights 15-20 pounds more than you, but wears two sizes smaller than you and looks way smaller too.