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Wow! Amazing way to keep your veggies fresh (Video)

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How to keep vegetables fresh

New HGTV video reveals if you are storing your produce completely wrong. Learn how to keep your vegetables fresh.


Don't let your good vegetables go bad. Keep onion, cucumber, asparagus and tomato on the counter. Do not put them in the fridge. Have seen grocery stories keeping these vegetables in the fridge?

These are some very useful advice from HGTV's new video teaching how to keep your good vegetables fresh.

It also suggests to treat asparagus like a flower. Basil likes it warm. The video shows putting basil in a cup filled with water and covering with a plastic bag.

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Tomatoes like breathing room, reads in the video. Cucumbers and onions stay on the counter. I like this and always tell this to my family members, repeating: "Have you seen supermarkets selling fresh vegetables out of refrigerators?"

While fresh onions stay on the counter, cut onions go in the fridge. Onions make potatoes sprout. So separate them. Did you know this? Also store your potatoes in a dark place. Potatoes and Garlic like it dark.

Parsley and cilantro will keep for 5 days.

Vegetables like it humid. Fruit likes it dry. These tips from HGTV will help you to keep vegetables fresh. Watch the video below.

Who else really loves this? Remember, where you find your produce at the store is where it should be kept at home! Tomatoes and onions don't belong in the fridge. Do you like biting into cold fruit?