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The Worst Piece of Advice Moms Say They Were Given When They Began Homeschooling

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Homeschooling advice parents get

When homeschooling moms ask for tips to begin homeschooling for their children they get different tips of tips and sometimes bad advice. Here are some of the worst pieces of advice homeschooling moms say they have received when they began homeschooling.


Some homeschooling parents say their relatives, even if they are teachers, have no clue what homeschooling is and how it works. One lady in one of the online discussions boards wrote that this is a type of advice she received from her brother who teaches history in high school. "Make sure you set up a routine just like as if he were at school. He should get up early, eat, shower, etc... Then start on school work. You should have an organized space with a desk of some sort in a quiet area.' I just nodded my head as if I were agreeing. I love my big brother, but he has no clue,'" she wrote.

Why Would You Home School?

"Why would you do that to yourself, its to much." This is a typical type of question many homeschooling moms get asked before they began homeschooling their children. Their relatives are worried that they will never get a break. Instead, these parents emphasize that this is not a break. They are mothers and take their parental calling seriously, with a strong sense of commitment.

"The worst piece of advice I ever got was to follow what kids in school were doing," write some parents. They especially get this type of tip advice from their fellow moms or friends who are more involved in regular public or private schooling.

Many others say that the worst advice they got from non-homeschoolers was "don't do it." the typical question would go like this. "Why would you do that to yourself or your children - They would learn more in a public school and get more friends and don't you want a break?"

Others were given an advice to use a packaged curriculum to make sure their children are not behind.

Worry About Homeschooled Child's Social Skills

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Some parents were told advice about the social skills of children. "Children that are home-schooled are usually 'problem' kids and they have no social skills," they were told. Or moms would get views like "homeschooling tends to produce socially awkward adults."

Parents get an advice to get their children in lots of extra-curricular activities. They say they got so burnt out by following this advice. They they found a way to do more balancing of their children's daily activities. The advice to get into lots of extra-curricular activities comes with the concern to get children more opportunities to socialize with their peers. Homeschooling parents reply that forced association is not socialization.

I read about one case where a neighbor had spoken to a principal in a local school and tried to set up a meeting for this mom who had decided to homeschool her son. "He'd do well in school and he needs it. So I've set up a meeting with the principal for you, and she can come to your house if that's easier." Sounds very intrusive. Doesn't it?

"Just use the state issued online program," is another tip parents get. Number of homeschooling moms say they got this advice too and they didn't like it.

Home Schooling Stigma

"If you home-school through high school you will totally screw them up," was told a mom who says she has 3 graduates who are normal as the rest of their friends and perhaps even more productive members of society. "I felt more prepared for college than my peers because of home school. I was self motivated and had better time management. I was almost always helping everyone else on my floor because I had finished the project and they hadn't," wrote one homeschooling mom in one of the online forums about homeschooling.

Other parents say they didn't get any advice or tips, but got looks and shaking of heads. One of these parents who says she got looks and shaking of heads has a degree in elementary education. "I'm OK to teach twenty+ kids a year in a public school, but not my own." That kind of doesn't make sense.

"Are you sure you want to spend all day everyday with your kids? I could never do that," is another type of question many homeschooling moms are asked. Regardless of your views on homeschooling vs public/private schooling this sounds little selfish and self-serving. Of course, you should spend as much time with your children as you can. Once you have children it's not about you anymore, it's about raising good children and surrounding them with your love, doing everything you can to prepare them for life.

What about you? What was the best or worst advice you have been given when you began to home school your child? Don't miss this reference-point story discussing all homeschooling questions for parents who want to begin homeschooling their children.



Just wondering .... Since there's no social structure more artificial than a single-age classroom, how does the public school system ensure that children get proper socialization skills?
My Kids are homeschooled, well they are in a virtual school through K12, and they have field trips and things through out the year as well as are in their core classes with other students and teachers online. they can chat and talk to fellow classmates. Also it doesn't matter what kind of homeschooling you choose ther are homeschooling groups that you can join all over the place and plan trips and get togethers with other homeschool students. All you have to do is get online and look for them. There are plenty of ways for the choildren to get the socialization. not to mention sports clubs and other activities in your community.