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Workout Tips If You Are In a Competition To Lose Weight

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Workout Exercise for weight loss competition

Weight loss competitions like the Biggest Loser are becoming very popular. I know a workplace where the staff members have a chart and each puts down 25 dollars and they compete to lose weigh by a specific date. However, it looks like friends do that too. Today in one of the largest weight loss groups on Facebook I read this message: "Me and my boyfriend are having a competition on who can loose more weight before February. I am in need of workout tips."


The group members showered this post with many comments sharing their best weight loss tips through workout and exercise. Here are some of them. Each paragraph below is a tip by a specific group member. Respecting their privacy I will refrain from disclosing their names.

If you are going on weight, limit doing strength training so you don't build more muscle. Focus on cardio and body-weight training.

I love this. My hubby and I do it every so often. Sometimes we weigh in once a week and the winner gets to choose what we do for date night, but the little things help especially doing it together.

Do burpees. They suck, but they are very effective. Burpees help to burn lots of calories.

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Do a smoothie cleansing. I would decrease calories, do a lot of cardio, cut carbs, and do a green smoothie cleanse. (You may want to read Jillian Michaels opinion on keto diet).

If you want to win this weight loss competition put more attention into the diet side than working out. It takes me 30-minutes walking to burn off the same amount of energy as not having a bread roll for lunch.

Diet, diet and diet. I do 80 percent diet 20 percent exercise.

It is said that men usually lose weight quicker. Thus, I would suggest doing it on the percentage of weight loss or body fat percentages. Workouts (while important for general health) aren't the primary factor for weight loss. Focus in hard on diet and add in as much physical activity into your normal routine as possible (take the stairs instead of the elevator, park far from the store, etc.) You could also add some extra workouts in on top of this if you wanted, probably mostly cardio if you are going for only weight loss.

If you want to win, focus on your diet. Also see: Keto Diet Pros and Cons.

Editor's note. Have you ever been in a weight loss competition? What was the most effective workout exercise for you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below please, for discussion.