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Woman With Type 2 Diabetes Loses 100 Pounds and No Longer Exhibits Symptoms

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Mary Roberts 100 pound weight loss

Meet Flaharty Roberts from Texas, who recently lost over 100 pounds of weight and says she doesn't exhibit Type 2 Diabetes symptoms after her remarkable weight loss. Here is Mary what Mary wrote to EmaxHealth about her weight loss story and how she did it.


Nineteen months ago, I set out to change my life. I made a decision to get healthy. I mean really finally made the decision. For years I said I wanted to lose weight, but I didn’t really mean it enough to do what it took and see it through.

I struggled with my weight off and on from age 14 to now. I experienced a few years of being a normal weight. A couple of times in recent years I made it to about 40 pounds lost and then gave up and gained it back and then some because my attitude sucked and I had no patience. Yet something amazing happened last year when I literally just woke up the morning of March 3rd, 2014 and was ready to do something about it. I was 260 pounds, wearing a size 20W, was Type 2 Diabetic, had high blood pressure, sleep apnea and was miserably tired all the time.

Benefits of My Weight Loss
I have now lost 101 pounds, am 159 pounds, a size 6 (and some 4’s) and I am healthy and whole. Amazingly, I no longer exhibit symptoms of diabetes. My blood pressure is now normal and I no longer experience sleep apnea or snoring. I sleep well and wake up rested. Another benefit of my weight loss is that I do not get brain fog, afternoon fatigue or really any fatigue at all. In fact I have tons of energy, which I put into working out now. I lift weights and sometimes I do cardio if I feel like it. I prefer weight lifting because I have experienced the most benefits from that – I actually have visible muscle. I haven’t been sick with so much as a cold and I experience no allergies. My hormones are normal too.

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How I lost 100 Pounds of Weight
When I share my story people always ask, “How did you do it?” The short answer is I cut out most carbs and sugar. I eat real food – eggs, beef, chicken, fish, veggies, full fat cheese, nuts, berries and the occasional low car baked good make with almond flour or coconut flour.

The first week, I experienced sugar withdrawal. To get through that I drank chicken broth whenever I wanted to indulge in carbs/sugar – the saltiness killed the cravings. After the physical cravings went away the hard part was getting my mind right. I literally had to remind myself constantly that the carbs and sugar were not my friend, that they did me no favors and had only made me obese, Type 2 Diabetic and constantly fatigued. They robbed me of joy because I was sick and tired.

About me: I am a 44 year old married mom of three boys living in central Texas. I like to read, workout, and go on road trips as often as I can. I enjoy sharing my story and encouraging others on their journey.

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Mary, Your story has encouraged me so much! I'm older than you, but have just as much to lose. I've written down your tips on what worked for you and am going to implement them in my own life. Thank you for sharing your story! BTW, you look wonderful!