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Woman shocked with diagnosis begins vegan weight loss journey

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Vegan woman weight loss

Callista Markham from Rochester New Hampshire didn't know how her life would change and start a vegan weight loss journey after going to a doctor for an unrelated matter and being told she is obese. Here is what she shares with eMaxHealth readers about her vegan weight journey and modest weight loss in a short period of time.


I recently went to my doctor for something completely unrelated and in the notes for the visit I saw that under 'problems' they listed 'obesity' as an issue, and I was devastated. I knew I was overweight and needed to shape up, but never thought of myself as obese.

My mother had always been doing things like juicing and green smoothies and things and I wanted to learn more. She bought me what I needed and I started a 5 day juice cleanse. It was difficult, but it was mostly in my head. I really was fulfilled the entire time, and the hardest part (other than temptation) was cleaning the juicer after every use. It was honestly much better than doing dishes all the time for 'regular' food, and just took a little patience.

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I am now on a raw vegan diet.

I eat mostly salads consisting of finely chopped vegetables, dressed with fresh herbs and cold pressed olive oil along with one of my favorite things to use: Bragg's unfiltered apple cider vinegar.
I've lost 15 lbs in 3 weeks so far, I'm much more healthy than I've ever been, and feel it too! I have more energy than I used to, and my mood is through the roof. I feel much more motivated day to day and the physical results are incredible.

The vegan lifestyle is showing me the kind of instant gratification that most people search for all their life in diet pills and crash diets, and this is for good. I am not going back.

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