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Why Your Weight Loss Stalls: When You Think You Are Drinking Sugar Free Frappuccinos with Base

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Sugar Free Frappuccino secrets

What you call a sugar free frappuccino at Starbucks, is made with "base," which includes sugar. One Starbucks Barista spoke with me on condition of anonymity and explained the differences between regular and sugar free frappuccinos and what you need to know if you are trying to lose weight. Let's call her Lyssa. Here is what Lyssa told our readers.


Hello everyone. Starbucks is a hot topic I'd like to discuss. I am a Starbucks barista and I have seen a couple of scary topics discussed here. Because I have had so much success in Keto WOE (Keto Way of Eating), I would like the same success for all of you.

I'd like to clear a few things up here.

No Sugar Free Frappuccinos
There is no such a thing as a Sugar Free Frappuccino. You can get it with heavy cream, instead of milk. You can get sugar free syrup and etc... However, none of that matters because every single Frappuccino is made with "base."

It is called "base" because you literally cannot make a Frappuccino without it. The "base" is essentially thickened sugar syrup glue substance that makes the Frappuccino smooth and easy to drink and pour. And there is no sugar-free "base." Only 50 percent less sugar base, which is not saying much.

If this doesn't concern you, then feel free to carry on drinking your frapps.

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Are there sugar free iced drink? Beware of this.
For those, who get iced drink and ask them blended before of this. Some sneaky baristas will add Frappuccino Base because it will make your drink easy to pour. If your Iced Drink comes out gloriously smooth, then you know why.

Maltodextrin in Sugar Free Syrups
All of the sugar free syrups contain Maltodextrin, which is a carbohydrate that effects blood sugar similarly to sugar itself (Click to understand the definition of processed foods). If you frequent the Starbucks sugar free syrups in your drinks and find yourself feeling sluggish, or your weight loss stalling, this could very easily be why.

Again, if you are not concerned about your weight loss, keep drinking.

Heavy Whipping Cream vs. Liquid Whip
Next thing. If you want Heavy Whipping Cream and you get a barista who thinks you are talking about the Whipped cream, than I am sorry, but you have to deal with that. Every Starbucks employee I haven known, has referred to it as "Liquid Whip." I hope this helps.

On a side note, the heavy whipping cream that Starbucks uses is 1 gram per tbsp, rather than .5 gram that most heavy creams we have in our homes may contain. Thus, if you are having a latte or a large amount of heavy cream, be aware of that.

I know, I sound strict and I might be someone who follows this Keto WOE closely. But I respect this way of nutrition because it has saved my life. If this post can help a couple people, then I have done my job.

Happy caffeinating.



All sources to lose weight are everywhere. And still, many people are searching for solution. People should have the discipline or proper mindset first, before searching for solution.