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Why Pickles Aren't Keto

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Pickles and Keto

Many Keto beginners are surprised that pickles aren't Keto. The nutrition facts label says pickles have 0 carbs and the ingredient list is short on Pickles.


People, who follow the Keto way of eating say Pickles are not Keto because of Lectins. Pickles are made from cucumbers and they have seeds, which means Lectins.

"If pickles are peeled and seeded they are not too bad, but cucumbers have lectins. It isn’t that they aren’t Keto. It is that they are full of lectins and lectins are inflammatory," writes Jack McAnespy, the group admin of Common Sense Keto, answering one of the group members' question. Dr. Jockers in this article says you should avoid lectins in your diet.

Now, being pickled they lose some Lectines, but sill have some left. Potentially they may be fine for Keto diet followers, except to those that are very sensitive to lectins.

Some pickles have quite a lot of sugar used in processing them, but not all of them. You have to look at nutrition facts label when buying a pickle. Although, in my opinion, it's best to make them at home. If done right, they taste better.

So that's the argument for pickles: Lectins. Some people say pickles are good for Keto, others say they are not.

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Experiment with Pickles and Keto

Tammy Culbertson in the same group shared her experience with Pickles. Here is what she wrote.

"It has been probably over two weeks since I had a pickle: especially since they were added to the bad veggies list. I was hearing that it was the seeds on them that caused an inflammatory reaction. So I decided to make a pickle wrapped in bacon recipe I saw. I cut the pickle into 4 spears and removed all the seeds and filled the empty spot with a cream cheese mixture then wrapped in bacon and put in the oven till the bacon was almost crisp. Anyways I ate 4 of them yesterday for my lunch. I woke up this morning with swollen hands and very swollen feeling all over and 5 pounds added to the scale. No more pickles for me and no more trying to get around the no-no veggie list. I am almost back to normal as I write this, thank you coffee. Hope this helps others."

I think people know before they start the Keto way of eating how foods will affect them.

If you had a bad reaction to pickles they may not be right for you. However, not everyone can eat the same. Everyone is allergic to something I am sure. But that doesn't mean pickles are not keto friendly. Apparently, pickles are one of the best belly fat fighters for Dr. Oz.

Do you use pickles in Keto way of eating? Please, share your thoughts in the comments section below for discussion.



Pickles in brine (homemade without chemicals) are natural probiotics. It’s known that all veggies and fruit have anywhere from 5-12 mhz frequency.
Some people can't eat nightshade family vegetables because they are sensitive to them. Doesn't mean they are not fine for others. If you are bothered by the pickles, don't eat them.
I think as long as pickles don't include sugar they are good for Keto WOE. Some pickles contain corn syrup. Watch for them too. I would say, read the lables.
Cucumbers and pickles have always been considered acceptable on a low carb or keto diet, except those sweetened with sugar.
I have been following a keto way of eating for 20 years. I've eaten at least 4 55 gallon drums of pickles in said time. Not buying the argument. Your results may vary.