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What Are The Health Benefits of The Chiropractic Care

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Chiropractic care dates back to the late 1800’s when Daniel David Palmer, a teacher and magnetic healer gave the first spinal adjustment to Harvey Lillard who had experienced a “pop” in his back 17 years earlier and had since been almost completely deaf. After the adjustment Lillard’s hearing improved. Palmer deduced a connection between adjustment and Lillard regaining his hearing. He believed both were due to nerve impingement and chiropractic care was born.


Chiropractic care has become mainstream, but at one time was controversial. Millions of people believe in the benefits which go beyond mere relief of pain.

There are many applications for chiropractic care and while studies are limited common sense will tell you that if the body is out of alignment, changes can take place including shortening of muscles, inflammation, nerve impingement, headaches, and psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, and foggy thinking related to chronic pain. There is even evidence of cardiovascular changes such as lower blood pressure due to relief of chronic pain.

So, why is there so much resistance in the medical world with regard to chiropractic care? Perhaps because chiropractic care is not considered a science despite being based on the integration of bones, muscle and the nervous system. Perhaps it is simply hubris and arrogance within the allopathic medicine community that nothing else can be an effective treatment.

As an athlete I have experienced my share of injuries. But it was only after being told by my primary physician that they didn’t know why I was in pain and undergoing a battery of very expensive tests and xrays and there was nothing they could do but to prescribe pain meds or anti-inflammatory drugs that I turned to a chiropractor.

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I asked a few friends if they used a chiropractor and who they would recommend. A friend I worked with who also happened to be an RN told me about her chiropractor. She also told me she’d gone to him during all five of her pregnancies and took her children to him on occasion. I made an appointment. I was not only a bit leery but a little anxious. The chiropractor had me walk and looked at my gait. He had been in practice for over 20 years. When I asked if he needed xrays he merely said, “No”.

I was placed on a table and while his technique was a bit like being hit by a truck, there was immediate relief of pain and the visit only cost me $20 because I wasn’t filing insurance. He instructed me to go home, take is easy, elevate my feet and apply ice to my lower back. When I asked if I needed another adjustment he replied, “Only if you’re in pain.”

That was over 20 years ago. I have lived in other cities and have seen a couple of other chiropractors, all with very different techniques, but I’d have to say, my initial experience was the best.

For anyone considering chiropractic care, do the sensible thing. Read reviews, ask friends their experience and who they would recommend, and ask questions of the chiropractor. In my opinion it was the best possible solution to my sciatica and pain.

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Chiropractic is more of a science than conventional medicine, which is based on suppressing symptoms with dangerous and often allergenic chemicals without addressing the causes of disease. Disease is not caused by a lack of drugs and suppressing just the symptoms is unscientific. Like in everything, there are rogues in chiropractic who want you to come back week after week, as well as rogues in medicine who do the same thing. A chiropractic adjustment should not take more than one, perhaps two treatment at most. If more treatments are recommended, look for a different practitioner.