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Why Is Diet Soda a No When It Has No For Keto Carbs

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Diet soda drinks and keto

Diet soda is not a no for keto. It’s just filled with terrible chemicals, this is why it's no for a Keto Diet. But it’s still Keto. However, let's hear from people who are on a Keto diet and see what they think. Here are several more interesting opinions about died soda and Keto diet.


People call diet soda ingredients terrible. Fake sugars cause an insulin response and carb cravings. One of the worse things you can put in your body. It's not just carbs, but also the ingredients.

"My mother is a direct result of this. Drank pop her whole life and now is developing dementia. She's 61," writes Melanie Wilds in Keto and Low Carb Recipes Facebook group.

Also, people notice bloating when drinking diet drinks. There are really good flavored waters out there with no aspartame. Like ice, and vita ice. Some sparkling waters are good too.

Keto is cutting out processed foods. Diet and reg pop is processed galore. Also, anything diet spells 'chemical storm.' I try to never buy into those 'diet' products.

Also, there is a concern about how sodas increase the acidity of your blood. Ketones do the same thing. I worry that too high will cause kidney stones.

Countless numbers of dieters consume Diet Coke thinking that it is inert to their diet efforts. After all, it's called Diet Coke, right? Wrong. It's because diet coke is a joke.

But people who are on Keto diet, in forums say Zevia is good. It has no aspartame. They also say chemicals and many artificial sweeteners found in diet sodas will actually kick you out of ketosis. I have found one that does not. The artificial sweeteners that are in diet soda very often prevent ketosis because the body reacts to them much in the way it does actual sugar. The body perceives something sweet and then it responds by spiking insulin, which prevents ketosis. It's a well-known phenomenon.

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"Drinking a diet soda was a mistake I made. Now I just drink mostly water with a little lemon juice oh and of course coffee and tea. I always felt bloated drinking diet soda. That's me anyway. I do splurge on a Bang once in a while," writes Jeff Murdoch in the same group mentioned above.

Also, the keto diet isn't just about losing weight. It's about cutting processed foods from your diet. It's about being healthier overall. Mentally and physically. Cut out processed foods eliminate a lot of diseases curable w food.

Here is a good read from Harvard University, about why to avoid diet soda and any artificial sweetener.

Also, remember. Even though it’s an artificial sweetener in a diet soda, it still causes you to crave more sugar. Insulin resistance is still going to happen. Not to mention that artificial sweeteners cause damage to the brain, aspartame, for example.

On the other hand, Joslin Diabetic Center concludes that There is no evidence, despite multiple studies, that aspartame causes sugar spikes or is in any way bad for you.

However, while there may not be evidence, but you have to use common sense. It's a chemical concoction. Does that seem like a good thing to chug down into your body? There didn't use to be evidence smoking was bad either, until there was.

Will Diet Soda Kill Ketosis?

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