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Why The Biggest Loser Winners and Contestants Gain Weight After The Show

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The biggest loswer contestants winners weight gain

Today I read the article that was just published about contestants and winners from The Biggest Loser gaining weight back. The article published in NY Times, says contestants of the Biggest Loser lost hundreds of pounds during Season 8, but gained them back."


One of the weight loss group members on Facebook, writes that this weight gain in the contestants and even the winners of The Biggest Loser show is also in part due to metabolic slowing and leptin resistance. It made her to do a little research, and it seems that Keto works in such a different way from the normal "calorie restricted" weight loss plans. The group is called Ketogenic Success. The she asked the group members to share thoughts on why The Biggest Loser participants gain weight.

I will share with you few answers from the group members that are particularly interesting. Here they are.

A forum member, named Shirley writes, "It was a show that did nothing to teach them how to eat. They threw sweet things in front of them for $$. They almost killed them with workouts. It was all about the fitness teachers and making money on their products. Books, TV dinners, etc... They learned nothing, but how to feel hungry and suck it up. That's not how to live in the real world."

I find this comment strikingly interesting and very compelling. What do you think about it? Do the organizers of the Biggest Loser show properly teach the contestants how to properly eat and live a healthy lifestyle?

Another group member, named Tammy writes, "I knew they would have a hard time not gaining it back because they lost (weight) so quickly and their method was way too extreme to sustain in the real world. I am sure these guys were working out for the most part of the day. That's hard to do when you have to go to work everyday."

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Others question the healthiness of the Biggest Loser Weight Loss style.

As great as it would be to transform your body in the way the Biggest Loser winners and some contestants do, several members in the Ketogenic Success question how healthy such a quick transformation can be. Who can make working out their full-time job? Why push people to burn 9000 calories a day? Oh, for TV. That is very sad.

"I think the extreme weight loss show with Chris Powell is at least a little better. It's across a year's time, but it is still for TV. Thankfully, they aren't competing. I would be curious to learn about the after effects on their contributors," writes a group member named Kristen.

Another member writes, "This article concerned me as well because the study showed that the participants' metabolism was lower than before starting weight loss. Would a keto plan make any different all?" To which a group member named Justine responded, "it might not change their metabolic rate but it would probably help them not have cravings and definitely change the way their body burned fat. If it did change their metabolism, that sure would be an amazing find."

If you are going to maintain your weight loss only through extreme fitness, how can anybody expect to exercise 8 hours a day?

Image Source: The Biggest Loser Logo from Wikipedia.



The very name "Biggest Loser" is degrading. Yes, sure we all get the pun, but the first impression is exactly this. This show is the perfect proof that there's no quick fix no matter how hard you try or how much money you invest in your weight loss. I've been quite chubby but lost all my excessive weight with the Loaded Gun Diet. This should do the trick for just about anyone.