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Which was worse the first time giving birth or the second?

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Preparing for childbirth

Several moms in Mommy Connect (I'm Prego and Beyond) Facebook groups share their experiences with their first and second childbirth. The discussion is very interesting and may help other pregnant women. I decided to share some parts of it to help married women who are pregnant and preparing for giving birth to a child. So here are the differences between the first and second pregnancies, if there are any.


One parent writes. "My first was longer and way harder than my second. Maybe because with my first I had an epidural and my son was born at 7:14 am, so I didn’t sleep all the night before so while I was pushing. I could have just fell asleep, I was so tired I didn’t even have the energy to push so I think that just made it even harder. My second I had all natural, I was only in labor for about 2 hours before my son was born."

Another mother says writes she didn't feel a thing with my first baby. "No pain medication needed at all," she write.

"I am going to say the second time giving birth for me was more difficult only because the epidural numbed one side of my body, I had a seizure afterwards and dropped my son. He wasn’t breathing when he was born and his wbc was elevated so he spent some time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). I also found out I am allergic to the tdap. My first was smooth sailing compared to my second. So was my third and fourth. My fourth was the easiest by far and the only one I wasn’t induced," wrote a mother named Candace.

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Another mother, who shares her fears of child birth, wrote that she even talked to her mom about this few days earlier. "I am kind of scared about this. I am a big baby when it comes to pain and with my first I had no contractions or anything. My water just broke. I even drove myself to hospital. I'm so scared for all the pain with this one even thoigh I am only 21 weeks," wrote Tania from the same group.

KidsHealth explains what will change after the birth of a second child. "Having a second child and handling two kids can be a bit overwhelming at first. Getting organized before the baby is born is your best bet, even though that might be challenging. You'll be busier, and your once organized schedule might be stretched to the limit. You might tire more easily, even before the baby is born, since caring for your older child while you're pregnant takes a lot of energy. After the birth, expect the first 6 to 8 weeks to be particularly demanding. You'll be trying to get your infant on a feeding and sleeping schedule while handling your older child's needs."

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Please let us know your experience with the first and second childbirths in the comments section below. where those experiences different? The discussion may help other would-be parents who are getting ready to be pregnant.