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When Shameless Husband Tells His Wife He Is Not Attracted To Her Because of Her Weight

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A few days ago I read a Facebook post by a young woman who wrote that her husband no longer wants to be married to her because he is not attracted to her and her weight is the issue. The woman had her picture posted and she looked slightly overweight. If the weight is the only issue then this is called shameless and irresponsible behavior. Let's call things by their proper names.


"My husband of 18 years said he no longer wants to be married to me for the sole reason that he is not attracted to me and my weight is an issue. I am doing Keto and looking to lose about 40 lbs. I am not doing this for him, but for myself. It hurts when someone repeatedly tells you that, but it hurts even more, to throw a marriage away over looks and weight. My goal is to lose 40 lbs by the end of May. If you have any special tips then I would love to hear them," wrote a woman named Amanda in one of the Keto Diet groups on Facebook.

Her status got 4,862 comments by the group members sending her lots of support.

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Throwing a marriage away over looks is not true love. How far and low our society has fallen for these things to happen?

Without knowing much details one can easily conclude that the weight is not the problem here. He doesn't really love her that much if he is willing to throw the marriage away due to a weight issue.

Don't lose weight for your husband or anyone else. Do it because being overweight has serious health implications and the potential to shorten your life.

I wish they find a way to work on their marriage. Losing weight is always a good idea and makes us even more healthier, but the problem here is elsewhere. How do you think they can heal their marriage in a Christian spirit?