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What's something you judge other moms for when you probably shouldn't?

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Judging other moms for the things that you yourself do the wrong way is not a good way of thinking. First take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye. That's still the rule.


Today I was reading a mommy discussion board on Facebook and saw this discussion where moms were acknowledging judging others for the things they shouldn't. Here are some of those topics.

Raising kids

One of the most common reason moms judge other moms is the way other parents raise their children and the way their children act. Many say, that's not an acceptable behavior, while their own children act the same way and they do little to correct them or teach them the right way.

Others judge fellow family members for spoiling their children. This is a very big issue. You will reap what you sow. There is no other way.

The Way They Dress Their Children

Parents like when they see children dressed neat and clean. Some moms acknowledge that their don't like when they see parents are dressed nice and with full makeup while their children go out with greasy hair. They are smelly and have dirty nails. It's like they haven't been bathed for a while. "I judge them," comments one mom. "I always make sure my daughter is clean and dressed in nice clothes. They may not be name brand, but they are clean and so is she. I may look like crap on a cracker, but my kids are gonna look nice."

Clean House

"I judge hardcore on how clean someone's house is, I can't help it. But then again I know it can be hard to upkeep everything so I feel bad for judging.

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Crying It Out

"I admit I judged my best friend pretty hard for doing CIO (crying it out) at 4 months old to the point that I couldn't go to her house in the evenings because of the anxiety it gave me," wrote another mom. Some said this gives them anxiety seeing babies crying it out. I personally don't agree with CIO either.

Multiple Fathers

Having kids from multiple different fathers is an issue many moms judge other moms. This is a big moral issue as well. Commitment, patience and selfless love should be part of our family life and our marriage. If we do this, there will be fewer divorces in our society than what we have now.

They Way Moms Talk To Their Children

Several moms wrote that they judge other parents for the way they talk to or yell at their kids. "I don't know their life story, we all have weak moments, but some things I just can't excuse." We have to be very careful when we talk not only to our children, but also when we talk in our children's prescience. They learn from us and copy us. "I have a friend whose daughter is 2.5 (mine is 3) and she's always telling her daughter she's "being so bad" and "This is why I didn't want to take you, you're always so bad!" when she was barely whining," writes one mom.

'If man remembered that it is written: "By your words you will be justified and by your words you will be condemned," (Matt 12:37) he would choose to remain silent.' St. Poemen.

Not Doing Anything and Complaining That Husband Doesn't Help

"This is what I judge on," writes one mother. "Your older kids are in school all day 5 days a week and you take your youngest to daycare everyday because you need a break. Yet you expect your husband to come home from work and do all the stuff you couldn't get done. But then you complain because you don't have time to get your hair and nails done and your husband isn't doing enough to help you. You have no kids during the day. Like what are you doing with your time?" asks this particular mom.

These are some of the issues that moms like to judge other parents when they shouldn't. What about you?