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What's the best vegan sunscreen for everyday wear

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Vegan Sunscreens

In one of the vegan forums that I follow one of them members asked about the best vegan sunscreen for everyday wear. What do you use as a natural vegan sunscreen and how do you make the recipe? Here are few interesting answers from the forum members.


"I use coconut oil but have to reapply often. It has a spf though of only 8-10. I need something higher in spf for the kids, but don't want the chemicals. I hope some good ideas are posted here," wrote a group member named Jacky.

Few of the members said they use Kiss My Face, Arbonne and Alba Botanica.

"Eat more blueberries," writes Kerstin. "The sun does not cause cancer. Sunscreen causes cancer and pollutes our oceans. Build up your own resilience and you will be much better off," she answered to the person who initiated the discussion. If you are concerned about this subject, please see this story by Kathleen Blanchard discussing several foods that protect from sunburn and skin cancer.

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"There is an app by the Environmental Working Group that helps you find safe products. It doesn't tell you if they are vegan but when you find a likely vegan candidate you can double check the ingredients for safety. Nature's Gate has some great, safe, vegan sunscreens," writes a user named Pamela. Here is the relevant page at EWG.

"I like Suntegrity: high ratings from EWG, cruelty free and vegan ("cruelty free" by itself doesn't mean vegan...even though it should!). It does take some rubbing in to get rid of the whiteness (because it's a zinc-based barrier-type sunscreen). It was developed by a women whose mother died of skin cancer, and she was very careful about not including any chemicals that may be carcinogenic," writes a group member, named Kathryn.

Few other members suggested using tomatoes, but didn't specify if one should eat them or apply on the body. In this story, titled If You Hate Eating Broccoli, Wear It Instead, EmaxHealth reporter Deborah Mitchell writes, "lots of kids and adults say they hate eating broccoli, and the vegetable has been the brunt of many jokes over the years, even though it is a rich source of beneficial nutrients. Now, for all of you who don’t like to eat this special veggie, you might be able to enjoy its health benefits if you wear it instead."

Do you use vegan sunscreen? If yes, what is the best vegan sunscreen for everyday wear in your opinion?