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What People with Diabetes Recommend Drinking To Quench Thirst

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Quench Thrist in Diabetes

Do you have any ideas to quench my thirst? It doesn't matter how many fluids I drink I am always thirsty, even when my sugars are running normal, wrote one person on Facebook whose life is affected by Diabetes.


"Water will eventually help your problem. Lots of other drinks which you may think are hydrating are actually doing opposite," one person living with diabetes replied. "I had this problem for four years until i switch to mostly water," he said.

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Water, water and water, added another person.

Yet another person suggested to try lemon. "It could be a side effect of meds you take. Drink the normal recommended amount. If you drink too much water you can actually mess yourself up. Yes you can OD on water," she wrote.

How do you quench your thirst?