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What Keto Dieters Think of Raw Eggs in Coffee as a Breakfast

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Egg in a breakfast for Keto Dieters

When I first heard about raw eggs or raw egg yolks in coffee the idea sounded very strange to me, but people who follow the Keto diet sometimes take their eggs in a coffee and they say it doesn't cook them.


"I am not a breakfast person. I have never been a breakfast person. However, I know that this group believes in breakfast being the most important meal of the day," wrote one user in a Facebook group about Keto diet.. Shen then adds that she has heard of people adding raw eggs in their BPC (Bulletproof Coffee, also known as Keto Coffee). "Is that something anyone here does? If I did that, could I consider it a breakfast?"

People ask. Wouldn't adding an egg to your coffee cook it? They say it would do too much wrong to the texture of the liquid for them. But some say if you don’t want breakfast don’t eat it. Some Keto dieters said they rarely eat breakfast.

Here are some interesting replies from the group members explaining how they handle their breakfast and Keto Coffee with raw eggs. By the way, here are Easy Keto Diet Breakfast Ideas That Will Keep You Full For 6-7 Hours, written by eMaxHealth's Susanna Sisson.

One person wrote it doesn't have to be breakfast, but yes your first meal should be the biggest... protein-wise too. Nothing wrong with raw eggs.

Here are few other opinions.

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I do add it to my coffee for my breakfast. Really need to blend it though. I have made the shake the night before. I have added the egg to coffee (doesn't cook the egg). I've mixed HWC with an egg for 90 seconds in the microwave.

I add eggs to my coffee all the time. It doesn't cook them. You have to blend the oil, cream, butter anyway... so might as well add the egg. Makes it more creamy to me.

I have 3 BPC with half an avocado on the side. Bacon if I'm really up to breakfast. Maybe egg salad for lunch.

Ideally, you want breakfast to be your most protein-heavy meal of the day. For me, it takes three eggs to make that happen. But if you want to drink your three eggs instead of eating them, that’s a legitimate option too.

I can't eat first thing in the morning either. I am normally awake at 3 am, at work by 5 am, home shortly after 7 am and then I am ready to actually put something on my stomach. I am at school all day and then in bed by 6.30 pm. It's taken well over a month to even get breakfast to be the biggest meal of the day and not feel sick all morning after eating. Now I can eat and not feel sick, which is really nice. I am enjoying my bacon and soft-boiled eggs.

Keep in mind that breakfast is just breaking the fast. How do you make your breakfast? If you are not a breakfast person but a Keto dieter, what do you have instead of a breakfast? Please, share your thoughts in the comments section below for discussion.