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What Happened When a Receptive Barmaid Offered a Vegan Customer a Shot Containing Dairy

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Vegan Barmaid

Many people who consume vegan diet have to confront situations in public places where they are offered food or drinks that contain dairy and meat. You can act polite and accept them, but you can also politely refuse them, which will open a conversation about following a vegan diet. As a result you may even convert the person on the other side.


I read this story in Vegans United Facebook group today where one of the group members tells what happened when she was offered a special drink that contained dairy. Here is how the story goes, told by a group member named Jenny.

Last night I was in a bar and the barmaid said she wanted my friend and I to try her favorite shot. We said OK and she went about making it. She brought it over and it clearly had a dairy based drink in it.

I politely said "thank you but I actually don't consume dairy. I didn't realize it would have dairy in the cocktail. Else, I would have said sooner." She apologized profusely then took it away.

About 10 minutes or so later, she says "I hope you don't mind my asking, but is it an allergy or are you vegan?"

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Obviously, I said vegan and she went on to ask questions about what I would eat and whether I struggle to eat out etc... I politely answered all her questions and told her how simple veganism can be. She was super receptive and said it's something she has thought about, but never thought she could do.

I told her about some documentaries about veganism and a vegan diet that she can watch and outlined the awesomeness that is veganism. She was so thankful. I really think she took in everything I said and she was really grateful.

Never would have happened had I just drank that shot.

That's what happens when you stand up for your convictions to which you follow and believe in. Has this or a similar situation ever happened to you?

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Being out and about always starts a conversation. This story is literally every single time we eat out. I actually don't know any vegans that would have potentially just drank the shot to be polite?