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What Do You Do When Instead of Encouragement and Inspiration for Weight Loss You Receive a Negative Comment

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Weight Loss Inspiration

People who try different hacks and diets for weight loss, look for encouragement and inspiration from friends. But what if instead of encouragement and inspiration you get a negative comment, despite what you do helps you to lose weight?


In one Keto weight loss group on Facebook, one of the members had written the following, describing how instead of inspiration and encouragement, she receives negative comments from relatives about her weight loss choices.

"Does anyone else do this? I can be doing really great, losing weight, feeling good, and then the second someone makes a negative comment (ie. mother in law informing me that wine has lots of calories, or that fat is bad for you) I get really upset that instead of a pat on the back, I'm getting lectured and it's like my brain has this "well screw it all" mentality and I sabotage myself? I know it's messed up, and I am working through it, but even posting in these groups about how proud of myself I am and being told I was setting myself up for failure really got me upset. I have been fully Keto for 4 months and down 50 lbs, but I do cook 2 meals because my husband is not Keto and I am not working so cooking and cleaning are my responsibilities. I am not tempted by his food, but after being told I would be, it was hard not to reach for a piece of bread. How do you get around the messed up head stuff?" ask Maureen.

Encouragement from Group Members

Few group members suggested that she tells her family members she appreciates their concern, but she has a diet plan and needs to follow her weight loss diet. Giving a discouraging advice, is not always the best way to show love and care. "They don't know what they are taking about. If they did understand the science behind Keto, they would leave you alone," suggested few group members.

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One other member suggested not to allow the negative commenters to define who you are. "Believe in yourself and what you're doing for yourself, listen to advice, and make informed decisions," she wrote.

Another group member, named Erin wrote that she has sabotaged her weight loss for years. "Finally I had to get really honest with myself about why the scale wasn't moving. Somehow, a switch in me flipped and that was about 7 months ago. You just need to get really honest with you," she suggested.

"People treat you the way you allow them. Even though you can't control what they say, you can control how it affects you. What you allow in your ears is just as important as what you put into your mouth. Don't let the negativity stick," wrote a group member named Diana.

Yet another group member suggested that if a person has lost 50 pounds in four months, this is a good reason to think that your diet plan is working, and you can kindly ignore their negative comment. Let your inspiration be your weight loss. People, question everything, but you keep focusing on your diet plan and the pounds you lose.

If you follow a healthy lifestyle, make sure you don't look for excuses to quit and let your achievements be your encouragement and inspiration.