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What To Do When A Black Rat Snake Like This Enters Your Kitchen

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Black Rat Snake in The House

Imagine living in the country, entering your kitchen and seeing a black rat snake like this in your house. What would you do?


In one of the Facebook groups about parenting, one of the parents posted this picture of what looks like a black rat snake in the kitchen in her house. She also wrote this "I love living in the country and all, but I just had a damn heart attack! We killed him and he fell behind stove and we found another! What to do now?"

The discussion has generated 389 comments during the time of writing this story. Here are some of the most interesting that I will share here for EmaxHealth readers.

Snakes In The House and Fear
Usually the first reaction is fear. Many people in the discussion reacted with fear. One said "I would have a heart attack." Another wrote "my new nightly routine is to shake my blankets every night before I get in bed just in case there are snakes. My husband thinks I'm crazy but maybe I'm not!" Yet another person wrote that all her hopes of living in the country are now gone.

While many snakes are poisonous, black snakes are not. Once in our yard we had a poisonous snake. When I called the authorities (there is a special service that comes and removes them), the first thing they told me not to be afraid. I remember the person on the other end of the phone saying, "snakes are as much afraid of you as you are from them."

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Black Snakes Keep Mice and Rodents Away
About 6 years ago my son had a field trip in his preschool class. One of the classmates had a big farm in the mountains and offered us a trip to the farm. They had a special place in the farm where there were several black snakes. They were keeping them. And they were doing this to kill the rats in and around the farms. She was like, "and these are our snakes, they are not poisonous and we keep them to keep the rats away from the farm."

We haven't had any of these black snakes in the house. But I have seen them outside the door. They are harmless and eat mice. I'd try to find where they came in and block it and put the still live one outside. Also, I heard that when you kill a black snake it leaves opportunity for a poisonous snake to take its place. Not to mention that these black snakes eat the disease ridden rodents.

Black Snakes Usually Kill Other Snakes
"Black racers do occasionally kill and eat other snakes. Black rat snakes, however, aren't known for snake killing. In fact, they sometimes will even hibernate with other species of snakes, including copperheads and rattlesnakes," reads this story at Today's Homeowner.

Rodent Problem
Also, know that since black snakes eat rodents you may have a rodent problem in or around your house. These snakes wouldn't be there for nothing. This rat snake was probably taking care of your rodent problem. If you see a snake like this in your house it's a signal that you should clean your house so you don't grow rats to attract snakes.

So when you see a black snake, usually there is no need to kill them. But if you are scared to remove them from your house yourself, call the authorities and they will come and remove them. Don't risk your life or children.