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Vegans Explain Why Go Vegan vs Being Vegetarian

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Vegan Food

Today in one of the mommy Facebook groups I read an interesting discussion considering the subject of being a vegan vs vegetarian. "I understand being vegetarian because of the cruelty to animals. That makes sense to me because you car for animals. But I never understood the mentality of not eating eggs, using beeswax, drinking any kind of milk. I do not understand the logic of not using the animal by-products that would be otherwise wasted if not used for other things," honestly asked one person.


Other moms, who followed the vegan diet left many comments explaining why they are vegan and not a vegetarian. Below I will present some of those comments that I found very interesting and revealing.

Vegans Say Cows Milk Is for Calves

For many vegans the cows milk is a big no. They believe cows milk is meant for calves only. Therefore, having this approach they simple refuse to drink cow's milk, thus choosing to be a vegan vs being a vegetarian.

Vegans Want Ethical Treatment of Animals

"I am a vegan, and the majority of your questions come down to ethical treatment of animals," replied one group member responding to the original question. "As far as animal milk is concerned, the concern is that animals are forcibly inseminated from one pregnancy to the next, often mistreated and abused, and their babies are taken away from them so the milk can be used for human consumption. The male babies are sent to slaughter immediately because they are of no use other than meat. As far as eggs are concerned, it's the same principle. Once A chicken can no longer produce an egg they are sent to slaughter, they are often mistreated, kept in horrible conditions, and male chicks are killed alive because they are of no use. Beeswax is considered unethical because the honeycomb has to be boiled down in order to get it which means that the queen bee and her Hive are often relocated. During this process many bees have their wings clipped or are killed. A huge part of why vegans choose to not do these three things comes down to the ethical treatment of animals and also the fact that no one is getting consent from these animals to take their milk, eggs, or parts of their homes that are used for beeswax," she wrote.

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Some Believe Earlier People Didn't Eat Meat

"My daughter is 15 months. She's been vegan since she started solid food at 8 months, writes another mother. "We chose the vegan lifestyle for her because we strongly follow Dr. Sebi's outlook on things. We also don't want to teach her that harming animals is OK. We don't need milk from other animals, and if you do some research, humans actually didn't eat meat in the beginning of time. They were herbivores. I am Native American and many in my family/ancestors were all herbivores. I hate to say it but eating meat was really just a "you have to do it" type thing because the white man said so. It's how they made fur, some tipis etc... My daughter is in 92 percentile for her height and weight in her age group. She clearly isn't lacking any vitamins or nutrients. She's a chunky, smart and a happy baby."

Fear and Stress Chemicals In The Milk and Meat?

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Now consider this regarding your health. Some vegans say that when you are eating the products of ill-treatment and fear, that energy, those hormones, those stress chemicals get into the product - and they don't want that in they body. They say the nourishment is tainted.

Vegans are Kind of Vegetarians

Some vegans say they are like vegetarians because it is nearly impossible to be an actual vegan. They say organic veggies and fruits are fertilized with manure, blood and bone meal, fish meal, etc. Therefore, unless you grow all your own produce you aren't 100% vegan. Take a look at this previous story published at eMaxHealth and titled Is It Possible To Be 100% Vegan When You Unknowingly Eat Meat?

Milk and Eggs That Vegetarians Would Accept

One person, who didn't specify if she is a vegan or vegetarian wrote about a condition under which basically some vegan people can accept vegetarian food, such as milk and eggs. "The sheer numbers of small animals killed and displaced in the harvest of soybeans makes that tofu far from a vegan option. It would be much more animal friendly to milk a pet goat who has already raised her kids to weaning age or eat the eggs of free-range hens who walked away from her eggs with no intention of hatching them," she wrote.

One member in the discussion who says she is a Nutritional Therapy practitioner, wrote this.

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I can tell you that the human body was designed to be a carnivore. Our teeth were designed to eat meat. Our stomachs were designed to break down proteins first. We do not have a ruminant stomach and therefore do not break down plant carbohydrates as easily. We do not graze. Animals that graze are eating on average 17 hours a day. It's vital that we get healthy fats in the form of a balance of omega 3's and 6's (which can be done with some plants, but more difficult). Professionally, I respect the opinions of others, but the truth is being vegan is a difficult journey, as most vegans carb load. I was a vegetarian for 5 years and became severely malnourished to the point my hair was falling out. I totally respect and love the fact that there are those who have a consciousness of the welfare of animals. However, in the animal kingdom its a sad fact that animals/fish eat other animals/fish in the food chain (unless they graze). My journey has brought me to the place of being a conscientious omnivore. Sourcing my foods, knowing my farmers and making sure my food choices cause the least amount of stress on animals.

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Conclusion and Spiritual Dimension
Whether you are a vegan or vegetarian is a personal choice. One big aspect that was missing in this discussion is the spiritual dimensions. Many Christians, especially in the Eastern Orthodox world, become fully vegan during the Great Lent or during the days of fasting. They do this not for the above-mentioned reasons, but as a way to deny themselves, weaken their bodies and focus on humility and fighting their own bad passions so they can come closer to God. That is a good reason to be vegan for that purpose.

What about you? If you are a vegan or vegetarian, please let us know in the comments why you are a vegan or vegetarian.