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Vegan Woman Loses 100 lbs By Juicing and Shopping Mostly Produce

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Vegan weight loss 100 lbs

When I read Amber Brady's weight loss story I was amazed through how many hardships this woman has gone to get fantastic 100 lbs weight loss in one year mostly through juicing and vegan shopping. Read her story and you will respect and admire her more. Here is Amber in he own words from Arizona.


My name is Amber and last April I weighed 279 pounds. I was also diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma through biopsy.

I am the wife of a disabled combat veteran. We together have faced many hardships due to lack of financial help from the V.A. We have been homeless twice, with 2 kids. My husband suffers from PTSD and traumatic brain injury from service. I am and have always been his full-time caregiver. He is epileptic, and needs daily reminders.

We had been tossed around so much in the system. It has not been an easy road at all. We lost our home due to foreclosure. My husband's health had always been going down hill since his service. It had always been a daily struggle to get him to eat properly. Life changed the moment I was diagnosed.

I Ate Soda And Processed Foods

For the longest time food was my crutch. I lived on soda, and processed foods for most of my life. Life had taken its toll on my body and I knew it. I could feel the struggling my body was having with all the weight I was carrying, and the varicose veins in my legs. A decision had to be made.

It had never occurred to me until then what proper nutrition was. Nobody taught me about it. I knew nothing about juicing, and detoxification. I chose then to heal my body naturally and went to the worldwide web. Lots of things popped out at me, showing results of cancer.

Vegetables and Juicing

The mission then became very clear. I was going to learn all I could about proper nutrition. Juicing for me in the beginning became a chore. I struggled to get out of bed. We were also house bouncing. Trying to keep a roof over our heads. But I knew and felt each time, that something was drawing me too it. As it made me feel better each time. The more I pushed the more better I would feel. It was as if a divine power was leading me in this direction. I studied more and more learning everything I could about vegetables, fruits, nuts, and beans to find out what they exactly did for my body.

Each vegetable has its place, along with all the others showing exactly what benefits it gave to my body. So I continued with the diet creating a full health plan centered around nutrition.

I juiced twice a day. Focusing on cruciferous veggies. I drink a coconut milk smoothie with hemp protein, almond butter, banana, bee pollen, cinnamon smoothie. Sometimes I throw in pumpkin too.

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I eat a lot of fresh salads, and make my own homemade ranch dressing. My diet is focused around nuts, avocados, some fruit, some beans, and lots of vegetables.

I lost 100 Pounds in One Year

I love my nutri ninja, and omega juicer. These help me to achieve what I need nutritionally each day. Since last April I have lost over 100 pounds, and a full 1 cm in shrinkage of my cancerous tumor.

Last month I weighed at 176 pounds.

I believe God has guided me to this healing and not only for myself, but for my family too. I no longer eat or buy processed foods from store for them.

No Processed Foods, Only Fresh

Now I have the energy to make fresh food at home. I make all my sauces, spreads, noodles, and gluten free breads at home for them. But they still eat dairy and meat. I chose an all vegan lifestyle, and it has changed my life forever. My veins on my legs are disappearing.

Buy From Produce Section

Every time I go to the grocery store now, I only buy mostly in produce section. These plants are medicine to my body, and I know i, because I can feel it everyday.

Body and Outlook Improvements

My body continues to get stronger with each juicing. My life has continued with financial struggle. But I know that at some point I will be stronger to help my family even more. My body feels more energy, a lot less bloated, less fatigue, and I have a new and improved outlook on life.

My husband's eating habits have extremely improved as well. It was not an easy transition. It took its battle scars to change for the better. But now that I have changed, I will never look back. My life has a better focus now that I understand what God put on this planet for us to consume.



Yes she does!
Bravo Amber, way to go. Keep up the good work. Now that you have discovered what the natural human diet is plants, I have no doubt that you have a bright future ahead of you.