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Vegan Leather Handbags now Trending

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Vegan Leather Handbags

TJ Max is showcasing and promoting vegan leather handbags and the Vegan community is welcoming it.


A Facebook user, named Rosy Tree shared this picture on her personal profile and on Vegans United Facebook group expressing her excitement that the big retailers are reacting to the increase of vegan awareness and promoting vegan products such as vegan leather handbags for ladies.

"This was taken at my local TJ Max . Anyway, I have to say that I believe this to be a very clear sign of progression vegan friends," Rosy writes referring to Vegans United Facebook group members, a group that currently has nearly 112,000 members and growing. "In the state where I reside (Ilinois), just five years ago, I would not have seen an advertisement like this. Veganism is growing by leaps and bounds! This is one "trend" that I hope will only continue to grow and remain steadfast," she adds.

They actually look very attractive and some people in the group say TJ Max has priced these vegan handbags very reasonably. They are somewhere from 40 to 60 dollars from what I could gather by searching on on Google. Apparently Winners and Marshalls in Canada also now offer vegan leather handbags, which also is a good sign that people are becoming more environmentally conscious.

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One group member even shared a vegan leather jacket, which looked very nice and was priced only 20 dollars.

That is cool to see. I do see a lot more vegan food products and face, body lotions and scrubs in the regular stores.

It is "awesome to see the synthetic world and cruel world dispatch into a cleaner more loving universe, introducing more vegan brands on earth.

Have you recently seen more vegan products or even vegan leather handbags or jackets in your local stores? Please share your experiences for discussion in the comments section. Also see this story discussing how junk food vegans make veganism more acceptable in the world.



There's a part of me that's glad for this option but then there's a part of me that feels strange that we might still want to use or wear something that looks like the skin of an animal. Whether it's leopard print or fur trim on a coat collar or whatever.