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Vegan friends discuss the number one food for energy

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Vegan food for energy

What is the number of food vegan people use in their diet for energy? The answer varies, but here is what some thing.


Today I was in one group where one of the members what their friends think is the number one food for energy for those following the vegan diet. The person who was asking the question was complaining of exhaustion.

Being vegan does mean you feel exhausted because low energy could be caused by a plethora of factors. For this reason, if you are vegan and feel exhausted you need to consult with your doctor and possibly get a blood test. Also consulting a registered dietitian is a good idea as well, especially if you are new to vegan lifestyle.

Having said this, the group members provided some interesting ideas on vegan foods for energy based on their own experiences. Here are some of them.

I am not always vegan, but at times I am. My favorite, when it comes to energy, is pasta with a home-made tomato sauce. Vegan pasta seems to boost energy slowly, but it stays for a long time. Having said this, one of the people in the group said that pasta makes him super tired and that for energy he is using fruits. I think different types of foods may work differently for people.

One of the girls in our group suggested a juicing. She said she is using a mix of apples, beets, kale and carrots, which make a difference for her. She also added that she is using dates throughout the day and as well as bananas.

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Bananas were one of the top favorite choices in the group regarding vegan food that boosts energy.

Some of the group members said that rice and potatoes are good toward the end of the day. As they are not strong energy boosters and help to sleep better. I personally try not to eat anything after 7PM. I don't always succeed, but when I have made that as a habit, long term results were great.

One person said instead of focusing on food, he runs. He said running helps him to boost his energy. After several attempts he got to one mile a day and now he runs five mils a day. He is on a plant-based healthy diet and running helps him to boost his energy.

During the conversation one of the girls moved the discussion to the vegan options provided by the Eastern Mediterranean diet. "Hummus and tabbouleh," she said, "lots of iron and tastes fantastic, it's pretty much my standard lunch with bananas for dessert."

Here are some other one-liner options from the discussion.

  • One Avocado per day
  • Green smoothie in the morning
  • Drinking Molasses
  • Bananas with Kiwis
  • Felafel
  • Nuts and fruits

Disclaimer: These suggestions are not doctor-approved suggestions and should be used only for information. These are only suggestions that were shared during a group discussion based on vegan friends' personal experiences.