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This Vegan Farmer Could Make $60K If He Sold The Cows for Meat, But He Sets Them Free

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Vegan Farmer About Animal Emotions

BBC Stories features one British farmer who gives up nearly $60,000 profit and sends his cows to a sanctuary starting a vegan farm.


Jay is a great guy and I would like to buy his vegetables. He is featured in this BBC short documentary, saying cows and animals have emotions too. He says they cows can sense when they are going to be killed.

"You can tell when they are happy, sad and bored. You can tell there is something going on behind their eyes," tells Jay.

Until today, Jay was an organic beef farmer, who happened to be a vegetarian. Today, he says his heard leave the farm. He hands them over to the sanctuary to look after for the rest of their lives.

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Jay says, for him as a vegetarian it has been a very strong conflict of interest between not eating meat and producing cattle for meat. He, who is now a vegan farmer, says over the years he had to send hundreds of cows to be slaughtered for meat. Jay says he took over the farm when his father died and felt the pressure to continue the family business. He says it was like a duty to keep after the farm and to ensure its operations are running smoothly.

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However, for him it was difficult to look after the cows for two-three years, get to really know them and then send them to slaughter for meat. "You felt as though you were betraying them," he says.

Jay could make over $60,000 if he sold the cows for meat, but he would rather set them free. Watch how emotionally he says goodbye to his cows.

Growing Vegan and Organic Vegetables

Now Jay wants to grow vegan and organic vegetables and may be some field crops without any animal inputs. He doesn't know if growing crops will be as profitable, but his conscience is clear. Isn't this what the life is about? Isn't this what our Lord Jesus taught us? "Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me." Matthew 16:24. I love this vegan farmer's example of denying himself. I wish all do that for other human beings as well.

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