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Vegan Diet Doesn't Have To Be Without Protein, It Can Be Delivered By Mail

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Vegan Burger from Muscle Up Meals

When people learn you are following a vegan diet and also exercise, one of the first questions they are likely to ask is how you satisfy your protein needs.


Some health websites, like Healthy Food, for example recommend that vegetarians eat 10% more protein than meat-eaters, and because vegan diet followers don't eat eggs, milk or dairy products, they may need even more. Well-planned vegetarian eating patterns can offer a number of nutritional benefits over traditional meat-containing diets.

Now, if you are a beginner Vegan you may not know many good Vegan recipes that can effectively supply enough protein. Here are, for example, 5 vegan recipes, published by eMaxHealth three months, that effectively boost one's protein levels.

But what to do when you are a busy professional, vegan and don't have much time to cook daily?

Several days ago I learned about Muscle UP Meals, out of Los Angeles, that provides meal delivery services to fitness professionals. The reason I was interested in its custom meal delivery services is because among other options, like Ketogenic Diet, Muscle Up Meals also has vegan options.

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Consider this. It provides 15 assorted meals, including breakfast, lunch and dinner for 189 dollars, delivered not only in California, but also nationwide. Or this vegan burger, shown in the image of this story, for $12.99. A good vegan burger can leave many other meat burgers out in the dust. Muscle Up Meal says this vegan burger includes soft lentil bean patty, whole wheat bun, lettuce, Portobello Mushrooms, sweet potato wedges and the company's secret vegan sauce.

But "if you're allergic to coconut, soy, wheat, nuts, or anything else and want to make sure it's not on your dish please let us know," reads the notice on Muscle Up Meal's website.

Their vegan options also include Banana nut oats with superfoods, almond protein balls, superfoods bluberry muffin, matcha green tea oatmeal and many other options listed on their website.

I admit that Muscle Up Meal's food is little pricey. But some options aren't so bad. I guess this is the trade off for saving time and choosing signature dishes.

Protein is essential for the main bodily functions. It's responsible for muscle growth, nail health, and even hair maintenance among many other things. However, many experts agree that a well-planned vegetarian or vegan diet can provide you with all the nutrients your body needs to function well including proteins. Here are top 5 prime protein sources for Vegans and Vegetarians for steady source of healthy nutrition. Vegan's are not always hungry as it may seen. If you eat the right protein-rich foods you won't starve while following a vegan diet.