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Vegan Bartender Tells How Most Patrons React Seeing Her Vegan Meals

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Vegan bartender

Following a vegan diet requires a serious commitment and certain level of self denial, this is why most vegan people I know feel very strongly about veganism, successfully standing their ground when the temptation strikes.


Today a bartender, named Sara, shared her story on how her vegan patrons react when they see her vegan meals during her breaks. She shared her story in New Vegan Support Facebook group. Here is what Sara wrote.

I am a bartender, so a lot of patrons end up seeing my vegan meals (we have to eat sometime!). I have explained our patrons how my vegan diet cleared up stomach issues and some people are quite receptive.

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I have had two gentleman start PBWF (Plant Based Whole Foods) and one of them is currently making the transition to a full vegan diet. Two of my waitresses have started integrating more vegan foods into their diets, too.

Most people, though, are somewhat dim. They talk about their own stomach issues or how they 'love animals' and most respond with 'I could never give up meat', even after admitting how great my food looks. Occasionally you have very few people who also make fun of you or your food. "Your food looks so boring," they say. Or, "where do you get your protein, what about bacon? and etc...," they ask.

I am sure you know the drill. I don't let it get me down. I keep doing what I am doing! There have been enough people that are open to the idea of vegan diet o veganism that it doesn't dishearten me in the slightest.

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