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Using Less To Create More To: The Benefits of Getting Rid of House Clutter

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House Clutter

Cleaning cluttered house is a very difficult task for any mom. Yet living a life in a de-cluttered house is like a blessing. Janelle Banks is here from Atlanta sharing the benefits of getting rid of house clutter. Here is Janelle in her own words.


I don't like clutter and you probably don't either. When my 3 bedroom ranch style home that houses five kids and two adults is cluttered, I feel anxious, ashamed, and overwhelmed. You would think that this would lead me to just get rid of the clutter, but often times it leads me to shy away from it, leaving it there to compound. It slowly begins increasing my shame, my anxiety, and decreasing my concentration and productivity. Thankfully, I can’t stand living under such messy conditions for too long, so we clean up and organize everything into neat little stacks, until it gets cluttered again.

Eventually returning to the awful cycle of a cluttered home, life, and mind.

I can’t quite remember when the idea of pursuing a minimalist lifestyle began, however, I recall how calm and focused I felt when we started moving appliances and other items off of the kitchen counters. My husband did not initially get what I was doing when I started getting rid of stuff that I had held on to for years. Yet, he continued to support me in de-cluttering our home and is now open to letting go of some of his personal tchotchkes.

I knew that in order for this new lifestyle to work I had to fully know and understand where I was going. Once I knew for sure that we were going to be living a minimalist lifestyle I figured that I needed to check out Pinterest for ideas. Now, a minimalist lifestyle can look different for various people. For my family, I chose to focus on the minimalist look of cleanliness and clear counter tops and dressers unless it is something that is being used so often that putting it away seemed like more of a hassle.

Easier and simpler is key! I ended up creating a Pinterest board titled Where Less Is More.

From there I had access to information and tangible resources on making our home “less stressful, more appealing, and easier to clean”; all benefits of a minimalist home, according to the Picket Fence info-graphic on minimalist home decor.

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Less Stressful

If for no other reason, I had to make a lifestyle change to minimalism because my mind was starting to become cluttered too. I was becoming consumed with what I was going to do with all our stuff. In my opinion we have gotten rid of a number of items, however, we still have a lot more to eliminate. Living with five growing kids, there is always items that the kids need to pass down, give away, or throw away. What a stress-free feeling it is to give away and throw away unnecessary items without hesitation on a consistent basis. It is also helpful to have a system and procedure for doing things, as well as, a place to store everything else that you need.

More Appealing

Another reason why choosing the minimalist lifestyle has been a great decision is because things not only feel good but they look good too without all the clutter. Now our living space is becoming more inviting and it is easier to think and get things done. My children are also learning to not accumulate items that they do not need. Who knows, my artist husband may continue to produce more artwork with all this free space.

Easier to Clean

The last and probably the most important reason all moms would agree that living the minimalist life is the best choice is that it allows for a clutter free and fresh living space. With four little boys, there are many challenges in cleaning and keeping our home tidy. Clutter will hopefully not be one of those challenges anymore. Since we have less stuff to clean, our home is cleaner, calmer, and cuter.

I will conclude by encouraging you to start somewhere in alleviating the clutter in your home, even if it is just a side table. By starting small and seeing progress, you will be motivated to continue with minimizing your whole life.

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