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Understanding the increased risks to your health due to excess weight

Risks of excess weight

Excess body weight increases the risk of the main health problems such as diabetes, cancer, and depression. The good news is that losing some of the extra weight can reduce the risk of acquiring those diseases.


In this article, we are going to explore the most common diseases linked to excess weight and the risks linked to excess body fat.

1. Depression Disease and Risk

There’s been a long lasting question if people gain weight because they are depressed or the opposite way around. Both are likely true, and we are going to have a look at their correlation.

The psychological factor plays a major role - Culturally speaking, thin means beautiful, which means that being overweight can bring your self-esteem down, which can then lead to depression.

A study found out that depressed people have a 58% higher risk of becoming obese. This is because the hormone cortisol may alter substances in fat cells that increase fat accumulation, especially in the belly area.

People, who are depressed, often lack the motivation to eat properly or exercise regularly. But there are solutions. In this story researchers have suggested the best drug for weight loss in depressed people.

2. Heart disease

Overweight people face a 22% higher risk of a heart attack than people of healthy weight. If a person is obese, the risk rises to 64% according to a document published in the journal ‘Stroke.' Excess weight is also linked with cholesterol levels, and blood pressure and even modest amounts of overweight levels can increase the odds of acquiring one of those diseases.

3. Cancer

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Experts state that after cigarette smoking, obesity is the second leading cause of cancer. Below you can find correlations between body weight and different types of cancer:

People over the age of fifty and overweight are more prone to die from cancer. In fact, cancer accounts for the death of around 15% of all men and 20% of all women. Moreover, excess weight increases the risk of having cancer of the liver, kidneys, rectum, pancreas, esophagus and other organs.

Overweight men have a higher risk of having a stomach or prostate cancer that could lead to a fatal end. The study we conducted shows that women with higher BMIs have a higher chance of having ovary, breast or cervix cancer as well. In fact exercise is vital to lower recurrence of breast cancer.

4. Lifespan

Being overweight will make your whole life significantly challenging. Running might become impossible, walking would become quite hard, and your problems will increase considerably as you age.

The excess weight can lead to a variety of diseases, some of which deadly, so this means that your lifespan will be reduced. In fact, the death rate amongst obese individuals can be at least two times higher.


If you wish to live a longer life happily, then you might want to consider shedding the extra pounds as losing weights will improve both your emotional and physical condition.

To lose weight, you must start the process now, as even a 5% loss could lead to numerous health benefits, which will make you feel better.

The weight loss can reduce the high blood pressure, which could cut the medicines taken. Studies show that the risk for diabetes can also be reduced by 50% only with a modest loss of ten or more pounds. There’s really no limit on how much weight you can lose for a month, as it depends largely on your motivation. With the proper training and eating plan, you can even shed 15 lbs in one month.

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