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Typhoid Fever: What It Is And What It Isn't

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Typhoid Fever

It is not uncommon for ill individuals to tell the doctor that they have typhoid just by assumption of the cause of their ailment. Typhoid just by mere say?


Typhoid fever is a bacterial infection gotten through contaminated water or food usually from the stool of infected persons. No doubt, both Typhoid fever and Malaria fever are serious infections. Nevertheless, let's know the facts.

Unlike malaria which a patient will have and still go about daily activities, typhoid fever knocks the patient down and would mostly need to be admitted to get well.

For those who are careful with their sources of food and water, you have conquered Typhoid. Unlike malaria parasite which is transmitted through infected mosquito bites mostly and these bites may not be felt, everyone of us can prevent typhoid more successfully than malaria.

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Clinically, when a patient has clinical manifestations suggestive of typhoid, the doctor confirms dietary habits too. In developed centers, a microscopic stool or blood smear examination can suggest presence of Salmonella typhi- the typhoid bacteria even before the stool or blood culture tests positive. This test is not routinely asked for in Nigeria and other developing countries due to inadequate diagnostic facilities in many centers.

Uninformed laboratories use Widal test which has been proved to be an incorrect diagnostic tool for typhoid. Unfortunately, most people are stuck to requesting for this flawed Widal test.

Please do not accept a diagnosis of Typhoid fever if a recall of few weeks confirms that your oral intake has been 100% hygienic.

From Dr. Ademola Orolu's Status.

Here is how you avoid and treat Typhoid fever. That story discussed 2 approaches that will help you avoid contracting typhoid fever. But EmaxHealth's Dr. Harold Mandel reports that prevention is the best medicine for Typhoid fever.