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Two Short Water Fasts for Weight Loss and Changes in Diet Produce Amazing Results in This Woman

Tara Golden fasting weight loss

Short fasts for weight loss vs. traditional diets. "I have really been on a journey to discover the best types of foods to eat for the best possible health. Two short water fasts, one of 3 days and one of two days and changes in diet. The second shot is taken 3 weeks after the first shot," writes Tara Golden discussing her diet and water fasting journey. I asked Tara to share her experience with EmaxHealth readers and here is what she wrote to EmaxHealth.


In two months I was meeting my son and a friend in Nepal and my friend and I were going to hike the famous Annapurna Circuit, one of the worlds most famous hiking trails in the foothills of the Himalayas. Could I really do it in this condition?

I didn’t want to be tired any more. I didn’t want to feel like my body was too heavy to lug around. I didn’t want to need to go to bed at 6pm. I didn’t want to have such strong sweet cravings I had to run to the store and buy coconut milk ice cream and honey sweetened chocolates and eat them in the parking lot. I didn’t want the fat on my arms to overlap the light weight tank tops I still liked to wear, even though I no longer looked good in them.

It was summer in Arizona. I didn’t have much work. Everything lined up for me to take this time to start my first water fast ever.I figured the time spent would be investing in my present and future health. Reading up about fasting I discovered some great news. After a short time on a water fast your body starts to burn up all the toxic junk you don’t need like free radicals, viruses etc. I wanted ten pounds less of that in and on my body!

I joined some water fasting groups online and checked out books at the library. There were a LOT of rules.

  1. Fasting for weight loss not allowed.
  2. Do Not have a lemon in your water.
  3. Fast through the pain.

While I am a newbie I decided to listen to my own body. I did find that I was not hungry on the water fast, but feel weak and dizzy. By the night of day three I couldn’t sleep and my legs and heart were hurting, bad. I went in the kitchen and squeezed the juice of a grapefruit, ate half a cucumber and went to sleep.

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The next day I started juicing and eating small meals, like a piece of wild caught salmon and a small salad. Food tasted better, I was happy with less and it was easier to stay away from sugar. I also did not eat grains. I had more work this week so I ate modestly and also exercised more than I did during the fast. I like to hike every day and I go to the health club and use the machines and pool a couple times a week.

The work ended and I had more free time so I jumped back into a two day fast. I did not know how long I would go when I started. I just went as long as I felt good about and then switched back to the juice and modest eating.

I posted my before and 3 weeks after photos on a fasting group and was shocked to hear all the very positive responses. Many people asked for tips.

My tips for fasting and weight loss

  • Spend as much time outdoors as you can. Walking barefoot, hugging a tree, hiking and connecting with nature all help heal your body and spirit. If you are fasting, take a blanket or sleeping pad out to a beautiful spot, maybe near a river or lake and read or listen to music.
  • Look for help online and listen to your inner guidance as well. No one knows what it is like in your body except you.
  • Stop eating all processed foods, alcohol, cigarettes, sweets and anything fried.
  • Instead of spending money on something processed like a bag of snacks spend more than you usually would on a organic basket of berries and other fruit you love.
  • Turn off your TV. Watch a film, read, listen to audio books and search out healers you like. ( I am listening to podcasts and videos by medicalmedium.com)
  • Don’t go out much, to parties or events. Spend the time in nature.
  • Drink the best water you can.
  • Rest. Do gentle exercise.
  • If you have one, spend time with your pet. They are understanding, affectionate and supportive and they don’t mind hanging with you all day not doing much.

I feel a lot better. I have more energy. I have less food cravings. I feel like I like myself a little better and it feels easy and light to be in my body. Maybe I can hike the Annapurna Circuit after all!