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Two Mistakes That Caused My Weight Gain After Pregnancy and My Biggest Obstacle To Lose Weight

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Danielle Smiddy Weight Loss Success

Danielle Smiddy says her biggest obstacle to losing weight was her mind. She is from Jacksonville, Fl and was interviewed by eMaxHealth sharing her amazing weight loss success and how she did. She says you have to change your mind to change your body. I agree with her. This is true for fighting not against the passion of obesity, but against any passion that plagues human life.


What caused your weight to increase? Was it a sudden weight gain or unexplained in a short period of time?

Growing up I competed in ballroom dancing, I played softball and basketball. Every weekend I was at the skating rink and skating my little heart out. I was very athletic but never skinny. I was always a little fluffy as I could remember. After having 2 kids and gaining so much weight with my 1st and 2nd one, not caring what I was eating because I was "pregnant," drinking 3-5 can sodas a day, my weight was not unexplained it happened over a period of time of neglect until one day boom there I was tipping around 220-225 pounds.

  1. Not caring what I was eating
  2. Drinking 3-5 can sodas a day

How was your life limited due to your excessive weight gain?

My weight gain impacted not only my mental health, but also my physical health. I completely lost all my confidence. I couldn't even enjoy my 2 kids anymore. I didn't want to even leave the house because everything I put on I was discussed in. I would wear long jeans and t-shirts in the heat of summer. I couldn't even enjoy life, summer things and being in Florida beaches. The pools I hated every minute of it.

At what point did you decide that you had it enough and firmly decided to lose weight?

I had done the yo-yo diet here and then I knew I needed to lose weight, but didn't have the mindset to do it. In October of 2017, I went to have a checkup with my primary doctor. When she said to me I was obese and my insurance would cover for by-pass surgery and then asked me is that something I would like to look into, at that point I knew I had let my weight get out of control and that a change had to be made. I told her "no, I would make a change on my own." She made an appointment to see me in 3 months. She also gave me a prescription for adipex which I never filled! I got myself here, I was going to get myself out!

Did you have to deal with any struggles in order to lose weight? What were your greatest obstacles in losing weight?

My biggest struggle would be my mind, I would find myself craving foods when I was not even hungry. Thats how I knew my mind was controlling my thoughts on wanting to eat. I have had a true addiction to junk food and our minds think we need it. My greatest obstacles in losing weight was my family, I would also look at people before and afters and thats what helped keep me on track.

What diet or a weight loss plan did you follow in order to achieve this spectacular weight loss?

I follow the Keto lifestyle and the intermittent fasting.

What tips would you share with eMaxHealth readers who have gained weight and are trying to lose?

You are your strongest and weakest person. No excuses in the book are going to change you. You have to change your mind to change your body. Don't expect fast results. This weight loss transformation did not happen overnight, so why would you expect it to go away overnight? You got to give it your all. You will have days that you mess up. Yes, it's ok, get back on it, Make sure you have very far few in between. Set small goals and get off the scale.

Do not weight your self every day or every other day. Weight if you must, once a month. Remember, it takes 9 months for a baby to develop, think of this new lifestyle as your developing baby.

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What was the hardest lesson you learned when going through the process of losing weight?

The hardest lesson I learned, was my mind. How much of my mind was making me follow this yoyo lifestyle before I changed my mind. You have to change your mindset before you can change yourself.

Losing weight is one thing, but maintaining it is another. What has been keeping you motivated in maintaining your weight loss?

Keto has been keeping me motivated after going so long with no soda, no bread, which I loved, no pasta which I loved. Now, I have it once in a blue moon. It's not even worth it to me. Staying the path for so long has truly changed my taste buds all that bad stuff I once enjoyed I dont anymore.

Did you make any lifestyle changes that are working for you?

I gave up sugar and carbs and soda, which have changed my life completely

What do you want other people who are struggling to lose weight to know?

I want everyone to know this didnt happen overnight.

  1. You can not expect overnight or over month changes.
  2. Do not compare your weight loss to others.
  3. Don't trust the scale and get rid of it.
  4. Trust your process, but give it 100%.
  5. No one can change or motivate you than you
  6. Follow people who are eating healthy and ost healthy things.
  7. Most importantly, change your mindset.

Also remember you cant out eat a bad diet so going to the gym or spin class and then eating "bad" the same stuff that got you to were you are is not a pass.

How do you feel now that you’ve made the shift to a healthier lifestyle?

Im so much happier. This summer my family and I spend days at the beach and water park. I bought dresses and shorts and true shirts. I look like a human now. I feel like like a whole other person.

How would you support a friend who is trying - or struggling - to lose weight and lead a healthier life?

Change your mindset. I can support anyone with advice, but I can't support a broken mindset. Nothing I, or anyone does, can change that. Once that has changed I would be here day and night to help you with the struggles because there will be many. You can follow me on Instagram danielle smiddy.

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