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Turn Off Smartphone and All Switches at Night To Have an Uninterrupted Sleep

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turn off smartphone for better sleep

In order to improve her sleep one young lady decided to turn off her smartphone when not using. Later she decided during nights to switch off all electric devices except the refrigerator for a better nightly sleep, fearing about the adverse health effects of smart meters and cell phones. Here is how she improved her sleep.


Veronica Mikhaylove reports from New York.

"Ever since I started using a smartphone I have always put it on airplane mode when not using it. I have also always shut off my wireless router at night, but this wasn't enough. Last night I switched off all of these switches except for the fridge. I had 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep. This is the longest uninterrupted sleep I have had in months.

"Getting 3 hours of sleep is a big deal for me. Prior to last night I was only getting 7 to 10 hours of sleep per week. Eating a healthy diet and exercise was not helping. Having less exposure to EMF is what I have needed," Mikhaylove writes on Natural Healing & Cancer Cures Research Group on Facebook.

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6 Adverse Health Effects of Smart Meters and Cell Phones:

  1. Insomnia/Sleep Disturbance
  2. Headaches/Arthritis
  3. Ear Ringing/Tinnitus
  4. Fatigue/Depression/Anxiety
  5. Cognitive Disturbance
  6. Irritability/Stress

Reference: Dr. Federica Lamech, Paper Published 2014

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I have in the past several months started doing the same in our house. Before going to sleep we turn off the TV and some other devices. Not only we have noticed an improvement in our sleep patters, but also save on our electric bill.