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Tips for Those Who Want To Switch To Raw Vegan Diet Plan

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Raw Vegan Diet Plan

You have been vegan for a while and now want to make a switch to a raw vegan diet plan. What do you need to know? Here are some tips from vegan people to get an idea of what it means to live on a raw vegan diet plan.


These tips are collected from people who already lead a vegan lifestyle. The first thing they say is to make the switch to raw vegan diet slowly and do not try to convert overnight. You may need to invest in a really good food processor. YouTube is your friend and Summer is the best time to transition. Become a member of many recipe groups, especially raw recipe groups and forums. This book, for example, gives 10 reasons to quit cooking your meals

Also a good dehydrator will save you so much time and effort. A spiralizer is certainly not necessary, but it can add textural variety to meals, suggests one person. And be sure to eat enough calories.

Start Raw Diet Plan Slowly and Gradually

For example, start eating raw diet by doing 'raw until dinner.' Pick up "Becoming Raw" (book by a raw chef and two registered dieticians). Don't become obsessive about being 100% raw, as some cooked food is actually healthier, and it's hard to get enough calories with 100% raw unless you eat a heck of a lot or eat a lot of fat (the first can be expensive, unless you live where produce is cheap or grow a lot of your own).

Fruits until noon, can be another starting point.

Raw Vegan Taco Recipe
Some people like making their own tacos. Take lettuce and fill with avocados and other veggies and for the faux meat you can mince walnuts with cayenne pepper and garlic and onion powder in a food processor or blender

Plan Carefully, Especially When Eating In a Restaurant

Plan your food carefully. I found it so hard to grab and go nice meals. Also HappyCow app, which helps to find vegan and vegetarian restaurants near you, can help a lot. Call ahead when eating out if u aren't wanting a salad. In a restaurant if you want raw fajitas seasoned with different herbs and it can take longer than everyone else's food because they may not have the necessary ingredients handy as it is not going to be cooked.

Wash everything really well. And learn to live off dessert.

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Some people say Fruits for breakfast and lunch and then veggies and fats for dinner is a great formula for success. And buy lots of produce. Local produce stores, Costco, Walmart and Sams Club are great. Planning ahead is super important so you don't "run out" of raw food and have to revert to cooked. People enjoy Tanny Raw's ebooks. Every single recipe they say they have made so far, has been delicious.

The Nutritional Benefits of Raw Vegan Diet

The nutritional advantage of a raw diet is that the digestive enzyme inherent within your food do not become denatured by heating. Although the general guideline most people give of not to exceed 105 degrees of heat is a good one, remember that it is just a guideline. Some foods become denatured at even lower temperatures, some will tolerate higher.

Most cities have many raw food venues and events, and someone here may know a few in your town.

Follow Raw Chefs.
Buy local produce it's so much cheaper, make sure you eat enough, experiment a bit, follow raw chefs for inspiration

Have a Plan B
Get ready for an upset tummy in the beginning. Switching to raw vegan diet plan can take some getting used to. Have a backup plan if it doesn't work. Don't force you. Some folks have trouble digesting raw food, especially if you eat a lot of it.

The Down Side of Raw Vegan Diet

On the other hand you should also know the following. There are many theories about nutrition. We need starch, just think what has been historically the main source of food around the world. In Asia it has been rice, in South America it has been Potato, in North America it has been Corn and in Europe it has been wheat. This is all starch, and this has been for thousands of years. This balanced with fruits and vegetables of the season can make a good diet, I think. Plus; in raw veganism you need to increase your intake of vegetables a lot to get the necessary calories of your day, which is more expensive and less environmentally friendly.

Some people prefer potatoes. They make you full. Potatoes are cheap and require very little resources to grow You can make smashed potatoes, bake potatoes, boiled potatoes, french fries and vodka, they are awesome. Plus; raw vegan does not taste better, many people want to go raw vegan because they don´t want to eat white bread or processed food, and that is understandable, but you don´t have to as a vegan, you can eat whole foods and cook by yourself. But it is my opinion, I am not a medical doctor nor a nutritionist, so, if someone wants to go raw vegan it´s up to them, writes one vegan person, who has been on a vegan diet for three years.

Thus, you need to know the pros and cons of switching to raw vegan diet. Apparently it has nutritional benefits and people switch for many different health reasons, but you also need to know the challenges that come with raw vegan lifestyle. If you switch to raw vegan diet, do it for the right reasons and remember. "What goes into someone's mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth, that is what defiles them" (Matthew 15:11).