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Tested Practical Tips on Losing Weight on a Gluten Free Diet

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Gluten Free Bread

How can one achieve weight loss after going gluten free. In this story people from a Gluten Free Facebook group share gluten free weight loss success stories.


One member in this group this morning asked for tips to lose weight after going gluten free. Here are some success stories or tips from people who have lost weight while on a GF diet.

Limit Snacking

"I limit snacking to only fruit and yogurt. No eating after 8pm and I do a combo of yoga (2xs a week), cardio (4-5x's a week) and lifting weights (4-5 x's/week)," writes a group member named Sara. She continues that she has lost about 35 lbs and maintained over the last year. "For me, it's been about losing, then maintenance for a while, then losing some more. I eat a lot of chicken and salad. The only time I have gluten free bread is one piece of toast in the morning with one egg," she adds.

Here is one GF weight loss success story from a group member named Devan.

"I lost about 35 pounds in the first couple months because I didn't buy much of the food that was unnaturally gluten free. I did a lot of clean eating and just watched what I was having. I did have some of the breads and such that are gluten free, but I tried to stay away from the rest of the stuff and do just veggies and chicken, fish or meat. I only use the GF stuff when I absolutely needed to because my doctor told me about all the added things in it for taste and such.

Cut Out Some Carbs

One member named Mal wrote that he went GF, cut out processed carbs and just ate brown rice and potatoes for carbs. He also exercised every day. He writes he lost "heaps of weight." Mal also adds that he ate plenty of fish, chicken, rice and vegetables. To this another member, named Heather agrees, replying that she agrees in regard to protein and good vegetables. "Since i went gluten free almost a month now not only do I feel so much better, but I have lost 20 lbs and still losing."

Dawn writes. "I follow a modified low carb diet. I do not eat any grains at all and try to eat very few processed foods. I went from 198 to 140." Some other members also left short comments recommending to cut out carbs and basing their recommendations on their GF weight loss success.

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Avoid Convenience Food

Allyn writes. "It is hard to avoid the convenience foods. Too easy to munch on things mindlessly that aren't good for you. That is my downfall." She also adds that "the pre-packaged 'substitutes' have lots of calories. There is typically extra sugar and sodium. If you are fairly new to GF your gut is still healing you may find that you gain before you lose. I have lost 30lbs since being GF for just about a year."

"Use the opportunity not to eat as much bread as you used to. I am doing this and the pounds are just melting off," writes a group member Michelle.

Stay Away From Processed Gluten Free Foods

Go with veggies and proteins. Stay away from the processed stuff, suggest many group member who follow the gluten free meal plan. Go naturally gluten free foods. Don't buy the processed, they write.

"Stay away from a lot of processed food," writes Elaine. "I buy gluten free bread and eat it a few times a week. Just eat fruits and vegetables, eggs, meat etc. It really is so easy, except donuts. Good luck," she adds.

"Don't replace the gluten with carb loaded substitutes. Focus on healthy protein, fats and fiber," writes Lindsay.

Another group member named Sara also adds this. "I try to earl healthy most days. If I want a treat I have it though. For instance I'll make a quesadilla pizza out of corn tortillas. Cheese and turkey pep dipped on marinara. It's a little more calories than what I would normally eat but then I know I'm not gonna overdue it later."

Having said this some people also wrote in the group discussion that they didn't lose weight by just going gluten free. Yet, some others said they gained some weight before losing. How about you? Do you have a GF weight loss success story that you would like to share with our readers by commenting below?