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Thyroid Solution Diet: Why organic foods minimize damage to metabolism

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Thyroid Solution Diet

New Mediterranean diet book, called The Thyroid Solution Diet, shows why organic foods do minimize damage to metabolism.


Did you know that almost every weight problem has an accompanying hormone problem? Thyroid conditions are prevalent among nearly 20 million Americans, yet even those who have not been diagnosed with a thyroid condition may have a subclinical thyroid imbalance. These small abnormalities are often ignored by doctors, but a borderline low thyroid condition (one that doesn’t show up in lab tests) can make losing weight extremely difficult.

World-renowned endocrinologist and author of the bestselling The Thyroid Solution Dr. Ridha Arem has successfully treated thousands of patients suffering from hormone-related weight problems. Now for the first time in THE THYROID SOLUTION DIET: Boost Your Sluggish Metabolism to Lose Weight (Atria; January 8, 2013, $26.00), Dr. Arem makes his comprehensive hormone-balancing nutrition and weight-loss plan available to the public. Dr. Arem’s unique program offers a perfected Mediterranean diet that is higher in metabolism-boosting proteins, high in fiber, and low in high-glycemic index foods.

THE THYROID SOLUTION DIET provides specific recommendations of food combinations to eat at each meal—as well as foods to avoid. Dr. Arem also explains the right kind of supplements to take to boost your metabolism and reverse multiple hormonal imbalances that inhibit weight loss. No other book available on thyroid, diet, and weight loss is written by a specialist with Dr. Arem’s expertise and specific know-how.

This diet is as effective for people who have thyroid problems as it is for those who do not. Dr. Arem explains, “Thyroid and weight issues go hand in hand, and my primary interest in thyroid disorders grew into a passion for designing the best weight-loss program for anyone with a weight challenge. The truth is, regardless of what made you start gaining weight, my program is effective because I designed it to speed up metabolism on a molecular level by reversing the multiple hormone problems that underlie weight gain.” The Thyroid Solution Diet has shown equally impressive results for people with normal thyroids who haven’t been able to lose weight on other popular diets. For overweight people with thyroid problems, Dr. Arem’s diet rebalances the hormones that regulate metabolism, which makes the thyroid work more efficiently at burning off fat.

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For both first time dieters and repeat dieters looking for breakthrough information, THE THYROID SOLUTION DIET is the best diet for long-term weight loss and overall health, as it explains how to rebalance hormone systems, boost metabolism, tame cravings, increase energy, and improve mood naturally. By following Dr. Arem’s unique plan, even people with normal thyroid function can outsmart aging, menopause, and other hormone conditions that cause weight gain.


· More than 50 delicious recipes and meal plans
· A comprehensive list of favorite foods to eat for weight loss that make this diet unique
· Detailed exercise programs with 100 step-by-step photos
· Personalized advice for a total lifestyle revolution
· The 15 common causes of metabolic problems that lead to weight gain -- that restricting calories can’t fix
· The hidden factors and toxins in your environment that lead to weight gain and how to eliminate them
· Techniques to control cravings
· Mind-body relaxation methods for counteracting stress and reasons why stress makes you gain weight
· Encouraging success stories from Dr. Arem’s patients
· Information on why organic foods do minimize damage to metabolism and are integral to a successful diet and optimal health—which contradicts recent studies that diminish the importance of organic foods

Ridha Arem, M.D., is an endocrinologist, clinical professor of medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, and director of the Texas Thyroid Institute in Houston, Texas. He served as chief of endocrinology and metabolism at Ben Taub General Hospital in Houston for many years and is the author of the groundbreaking bestseller, The Thyroid Solution.

Written by Kristin Matzen