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These Cute Little Children Are Looking For Help For Their Bullying Program To Add 10 More Schools

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Stop bullying Fundraiser

This morning I was looking thins up on Twitter and saw this cute picture of children from Ohio that have posted this picture asking for sponsors to add 10 more schools to their anti-bullying program.


As a father of three beautiful children I have a 7th grader in school and know well what is bullying. Especially children are more vulnerable in a school bus, after school ends. In the morning hours, apparently there is not much bullying happening in school buses because everyone, as my son put it, are still sleepy. But after the school, when children go back home on a school bus bullies feel like they are off the hook.

Unfortunately, school bus drivers must focus on the road and can't fully monitor what's happening at the end of the bus where bullies normally are. As a general rule, the closer you are to the bus driver the safer you are. You are more likely to be protected.

This is why I couldn't ignore this picture and these little children's plea for more sponsors. They want to add 10 more schools to stop bullying in their area.

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They have tweeted here, which reads "We are looking for sponsors for our bullying program to add 10 more schools. Can you help? #donate #nonprofit #stopbullying."

The tweet came from the Seven Oak Farm, which is a 501(c)3 non-profit using miniature therapy horses to spread hope, love and joy to adults and children one tiny hoof at a time. #ittybittyhorses #therapyhorses. According to them one in three children are being bullied in school.

You may also read this story from eMaxHealth where teenagers explain why bullying occurs. I wonder how much has changed in our schools since 2009 when it comes to bullying.

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