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These 11 Strollers Are Recalled By Graco

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Graco Stroller Recall

Here are the pictures of all eleven types of strollers that are recalled today on November 20th of 2014 by Graco. Check to see if your stroller is affected or included in this recall.


Graco is recalling nearly 5 million baby strollers for serious safety reasons. To be price, the recall amounts 4.7 strollers. The problem is the folding hinges that can potentially pinch a child's finger and severe it.

There have been eleven reports of finger injuries, which includes six reports of finger amputation, four reports of partial-fingertip laceration and one finger laceration. As a result Graco is recalling eleven models of strollers that the stroller-maker has manufactured in the past 14 years.

Graco calls on parents, guardians and caregivers to use extreme caution when unfolding the strollers included in the recall list. The company also said in a release that parents and caregivers should "immediately remove the child from a stroller that begins to fold to keep their fingers from the side hinge area."

The company said it will offer free hinges to all users who have bought the affected strollers. Parents and users can verify if their stroller is included in this recall and order the repair kit by entering the model number on GracoBaby.com or by calling (800) 345-4109 (Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST). You can find the model number on your stroller's white label, which is located at the bottom of the stroller leg.

11 Models of Strollers Affected By Recall

Breeze Model Stroller (Graco)

Capri Model Stroller (Century)

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Glider Model Stroller (Graco)

Kite Model Stroller (Graco)

Literider Model Stroller (Century)

Literider Model Stroller (Graco)

Sierra Model Stroller (Graco)

Sterling Model Stroller (Graco)

Travelmate Model Stroller (Graco)

Stroller fold lock (side view)

These recalled strollers are usually sold at Toys R Us, Walmart, Target and their prices range from 40 to 170 dollars. If you have bought any of these strollers since the year 2000, you need to have them checked.



Can I take the recalled stroller I have to my area department store and get a voucher for a different stroller? If the answer is NO than where can I get a voucher for a new one?
Jessica, the information is that you call the number in the article or go to the website to verify the recall and order a repair kit - new hinges- I haven't seen anything offering a new stroller
I had a stroller given to me is there a way with the model number to see if it effects my stroller? 6954 amb- model number