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Tech leader ranks FitDesk as a top Gift for 2011 web surfers

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FitDesk Exercise Bike

Lack of exercise in the office environment and rising rates of obesity has raised legitimate questions about the future health of the people who work online eight or more hours a day. Just like high gas prices are pushing the quest for electric cars, concerns about sedentary lifestyle of office workers is pushing the quest for combining exercise and web work. This is where FitDesk bike comes as a valuable gift for an office worker.

Recently I was offered to try out the FitDesk. As an office worker, whose life has become very sedentary in the past seven years, I was very excited to try the FitDesk (patent pending) as a promising opportunity to change my sedentary lifestyle without negatively eaffecting my work schedule. I imagined surfing the web and doing my regular online work while exercising, staying in shape and even losing some weight.

When it arrived in the mail it surprised me with its size and relative weight. FitDesk only weighs 33 pounds and is light enough for one person to move or carry from room to room. One can even fold it and store in a storage place.

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As shown in the picture, the FitDesk is mid-size exercise bike. However, the handlebars of the bike can become an actual work place. A deck, exclusively designed for this purpose is lobbed over the handlebars and is big enough providing a space for a mouse. The deck is very soft and suitably holds a laptop. Someone can easily exercise and do online work, play a video game or do social media interaction simultaneously.

The laptop is held on the deck very securely. A strap takes care of that. The deck cover has side packets, which can hold a cell phone or a remote controller.

FitDesk costs 229.99 dollars, but judging from the company's website, the offer is only for a limited time and only for online buyers. We mentioned that it's a mide-size bike with a deck. Thus, the fitness gadget is designed for human height 4'10" - 6'2". There is also a seat extender, which is actually offered separately.

This is a good and healthy gift for this holiday season, or for any season for yourself, for your family and for a friend show spend hours and hours in front of computer daily. No wonder Tech Crunch has called the FitDesk as one of the top gifts for 2011-2012 web surfers, calling it a "gift of a better tomorrow," which cannot be ignored.



Looks like a great gift--does it come with a cup holder accessory?