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Stranger Approaches To a Woman with Lung Cancer and Offers to Pray

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Prayer for lung cancer patient

Compassion is in short supply in our society these days. Several days ago I asked the members of Lung Cancer Awareness group on Facebook to share stories of compassion to share with eMaxHealth readers. One of the members named Tanya Cohoon shared this uplifting and inspiring episode form her life that happened few weeks ago.


This happened to me on June 26th of this year, writes Cohoon.

"I had the sweetest thing happen to me yesterday. Jerry and I were out and I was sitting on a bench waiting for Jerry to finish his business. I was feeling a little self conscious with my oxygen tank and sporting my short spiked hair (no wig, too hot). I had a young man with long dreadlocks sit down beside me. Of course I strike up a conversation. I love to talk to people. He asks about my oxygen tank and health. I explain my cancer and he asks if he can pray for me. He says the sweetest prayer holding my hand, gives me a hug and walks away. I felt so good! Angels show up when you least expect it."

What a short and uplifting episode from a real life. I wanted to share this with you to extend the beauty of this story to you too, to those who battle lung cancer of any type of cancer. Regardless of our physical health our spiritual health is always strong and never seek as long as we do good things of compassion and selfless love.

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