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Staying Safe In the Gym - Tips from Self-Defense Expert

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Gym Self-Defense Tips

Celebrity self-defense and fitness expert Jarrett Arthur has 3 useful tips on how to stay safe when exercising in the gym and the third tip is the hardest.

She says whether you are a regular gym goer or a member of the bikini-season fit crew, there are indoor safety tips that everyone should abide by. Below are few of Jarrett’s fitness safety tips while exercising in the gym.

Avoid training late at night

With the growing popularity of 24hr gyms it may be tempting to squeeze in a late night workout. If you find yourself after hours and craving a workout, opt for a body weight workout at home.

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Keep your ears clear in the locker room

It’s a good idea to turn your mp3 off just before entering the locker room and take your headphones off or earbuds out. Locker room can be more secluded, so it’s a good idea to keep your ears open.

Vary your schedule

This tip can be difficult for people because of work and family obligations, but if you can, try to vary the days and times you go to the gym. It’s best to avoid routines that can be easily tracked.

Provided by Jarrett Arthur.