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Some People Break Water Fasting With Eggs or Avocado

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Breaking Fasting With Avocado

Two days ago when I wrote a story suggesting that watermelon is one of the best ways to break a water fast, one person commented and suggested eggs or avocados too.


A user, named Lazaro, from Water Only Fasting group on Facebook, shared her story, in which says how she used eggs and avocado when breaking her fasting.

Lazaro writes. "I break my fast with eggs or avocado. I don't like to break the fast with insulin spiking food high in carbs and sugars. One time I broke my fast with lemon juice with water to get some vitamins B and C because vitamin b is essential for enzymes to digest carbs and since vitamin B will be depleted at end of fasting it's not a good idea to break the fast with lots of sugary fruits. I know that some people use watermelon to break the fast, but eat just a bite and most of the time are perhaps in retreat and many of them are vegetarian."

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Here we are talking about breaking the fasting after 3, 7 or 10 days. Lazaro writes that she has fasted somewhere from 7 to 10 days and several times has that a five day fast. "I want to fast for 2 weeks or better 21 days, but since I have to fast while working not sure if I can do it that long. Also I use a Ketogenic diet before fasting to avoid hunger and make things easier as the body is already in ketosis using mostly fat and keto bodies as fuel."

"Since my body is already uising keto and fat while fasting, it is easier to digest an egg than to digest carbs. So instead I drink water with one lemon to get some vitamin B and C essentials to carbs metabolism, but the next day I eat almost anything as long as is light on carbs. Of course have no idea of fasting for extended periods of time and I am not an specialist only talking about my small personal experience but not all organism bodies react the same," she adds.

How do you fast and what do you use to break your fasting?